I was once a merchandise box artist fr A Collection of Pointless Adventures. On theweb0123's birthday, I was invited to a surprise screening of an episode of ACOPA. This was what I saw.


(Shot of the group's house, Web and Wario are playing Mortal Kombat)

Wario: Dammit Noob, stop spamming!

Web: $#&% you, Cyrax!

(Wario suddenly starts staring blankly)

Web: Um, Wario?

(Wario passes over, a bloody sword wedged in his back. Some ofscreen horror laughs.)

Web: Aaaahhhhh!!!

(Shot of wall, blood splatters on it. Sword sound is heard)

(Opening plays)

(Shot of Bagel knocking on Rainbow Dash's door)

Bagel: Hello? Have you seen Web or Wario? ANSWER THE FRICKING DOOR! That's it.

(Bagel busts door open)

Bagel: Hey Dash, have you seen-

(Applejack and Rainbow Dash are stitched together. The words "Together Forever" are crudely written on the wall in blood)

Bagel: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

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