A Pretty Odd Day is the 36th episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.



  • Gorge
  • Toxifinder
  • Robo
  • Whale Five
  • Molly the Cougar
  • Water Paw
  • Lady Fuse
  • Lapo Luigi
  • Wario (Syndicate)
  • Erin
  • Airdroid
  • Nozus
  • Saint
  • Day
  • Dores
  • Collector
  • Villain
  • Sophie Clone
  • The Great Beguru
  • Sapient
  • Puppet Master Robo
  • Cy
  • Computer


  • Lord Zorgu
  • Store Clerk


Gorge: (narrating) There was a time before Dores' death where we all went to Papa Squeegee to discuss some things and strange things were happening.

(cut to a flashback)

Gorge: You want to go to Papa Squeegee?

Robo: Sure. I'm hungry!

Whale Five: Sure, I'll go.

(the gang go to Papa Squeegee)

(sees that some villains are already there)

Dores: And you know what I said about that otter? She's boring!

(all the villains laugh)

Sapient: Guess what? Sophie could just go die.

(the villains laugh harder)

Puppet Master Robo: Boy, you make me laugh so hard! And you know what I could do with Sophie?

Airdroid: Murder her?

Puppet Master Robo: Tie her with string!

(the villains reach maximum laughter)

Gorge: Try to ignore the villains.

(The heroes sit down)

(The villains notice)

Airdroid: Hey, Robo! What's up?

Whale Five: We're trying to eat here!

Airdroid: Oh.

(Airdroid goes back to the villains' table)

Gorge: Here's what I want to ask you. This place is actually strange.

(More heroes come and sit down)

Molly: Did someone say strange?

Collector: It's equally strange.

(Cy and Store Clerk arrive)

Store Clerk: Oh, this isn't Walmart. (leaves)

(Cy sits down)

Robo: What's this?

Gorge: A discussion.

Robo: I've heard that you can say commands and they magically happen.

Molly: Well, strange things can happen.

Whale Five: Well, what are the commands?

(Gorge writes on a piece of paper, "Verbally say 'I've got a command', then say it and the person you're directing it to")

Robo: That's nice. Uhh, I've got a command. Make The Great Beguru appear.

(The Great Beguru's gem appears)

(Robo rubs the gem)

(The Great Beguru appears)

The Great Beguru: What is your wish?

Gorge: Uhh, I've got a command! Make this place more spacious!

(Papa Squeegee begins remodeling itself)

Airdroid: Oh, so that's how they're gonna "play the game". Well, I've got a command! Make my list of people I murdered appear!

(a long list appears)

Airdroid: It works!

Molly: I've got a command! Make the booth bigger!

(The booth grows)

Gorge: Wow.

Robo: Uhh, I've got a command! Make a computer appear!

(a computer appears)

Gorge: I've got a command! Make the roof rise without it detaching!

(Papa Squeegee begins remodeling itself again)

Molly: I've got a command! Make me bigger!

Gorge: Uhh, we've had enough of this game, have we?

Robo: It's not a game!

(Molly starts getting taller)

Molly: I feel like a giant!

Robo: She only grew to 6'0", Gorge.

Molly: Well, am I pretty?

Gorge: I guess.

Robo: I've got a command! Turn Molly back to normal!

(Molly shrinks back down)

Molly: Hey!

Gorge: I've got a command! Make some canned Caffeine-free Sun Drop appear!

(Caffeine-free Sun Drop appears)

Computer: Too many commands. Now running commands automatically.

Gorge: What?

(Molly starts growing faster)

(Nova's list keeps disappearing and appearing)

(the computer finally shuts down)

Molly: Now I really am giant!

Gorge: I've got a command! Make everything normal again!

(But nothing happens)

Gorge: Uhh, hello?

(Lapo Luigi appears)

Lapo Luigi: That computer shut down and is not turned on!

Gorge: Who shut it down?

Lapo Luigi: I did.

Gorge: You did?

Lapo Luigi: Yes.

Gorge: Well, then...

Lady Fuse: Well, that was disturbing.

Water Paw: Some strange computer...

Toxifinder: And it shut down.

Sophie Clone: Well, we're out.

Villain: Me too.

(every villain leaves Papa Squeegee)

Saint: How strange.

Gorge: I know.

Wario: Now what?

Gorge: Start the computer back up?

Lapo Luigi: Sure.

(Lapo Luigi starts the computer back up)

Nozus: That looks interesting.

Gorge: I've got a command! Turn everything back to normal!

(Everything turns back to normal)

Erin: Well, if I wanted to say something, I wouldn't even know what I should say...

(Lord Zorgu appears)

Lord Zorgu: Ugh! Why is this place filled with heroes? I was late to the villains' meeting!

(Lord Zorgu leaves)

Gorge: What do you think?

Robo: Let's get out of Papa Squeegee!

(everyone but Lapo Luigi leave Papa Squeegee)

Gorge: What next?

Toxifinder: Well, I'm not sure.

Whale Five: Uhh...

Gorge: I'll just go back to my house.

Robo: Me, Whale Five and Toxifinder will head back to New City.

(flashback ends)

Gorge: And so I went back to my house and that's it. The End.

Lady Fuse: Wait, that's it?

Toxifinder: That story only told of what happened at Papa Squeegee.

Robo: That sounds like a children's book.

Gorge: Well, it's not. It's a children's novel.

Toxifinder: OK...

Lady Fuse: What do you want to do with the novel?

Gorge: Nothing. I didn't write it.

(shows that the author was Sophie)

Lady Fuse: Sophie B. Otter? Well, someone must've took a little perspective.

Water Paw: So she wrote it?

Gorge: Yes.

(everyone else backs up)

Gorge: What? Now that she's back in Canada, you don't have to hide from her.

(The End)


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