An Experiment Gone Wrong is the 33rd episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.



  • Gorge
  • Robo
  • Whale Five
  • Toxifinder
  • Sophie


  • Timmy
  • Sophie Clone


(Gorge, Robo, Whale Five, and Toxifinder are at Molly's house)

Gorge: Well, so much for a wasted trip here.

Toxifinder: I see that.

Whale Five: This place looks huge compared to the furniture in here.

Gorge: Well, what do you expect? My next-door neighbor is a cougar.

Whale Five: I thought cougars were much bigger.

Gorge: Molly's just a kid.

(Sophie comes in Molly's house)

Toxifinder: Oh, goody... the otter arrives.

Sophie: So what's going on here?

Gorge: We're talking about Molly's stuff.

Sophie: Well, I stopped by your basement and it was full of Caffeine-free Sun Drop, and I'd rather prefer Mountain Dew.

Toxifinder: I understand.

Sophie: So, your other friends are here, too?

Gorge: It's just Robo, Whale Five and Toxifinder. Timmy's at my house.

(cut to Gorge's house)

Timmy: I wish I had an explanation about why this basement always contains a lot of Caffeine-free Sun Drop.

(cut back to Molly's house)

Sophie: Well, we can't touch the stuff without breaking it. If only there was some way one of us could become small enough for it...

(Sophie Clone arrives)

Sophie Clone: Well, then. Just stand up for a month. Don't sit down at all.

Sophie: Uhh...

Gorge: I don't trust the Sophie Clone. At all.

(Gorge turns on the TV)

Gorge: Oh, cool. Cartoon Network.

Toxifinder: What are you watching?

Gorge: A new show.

Sophie: A whole month...

(Gorge turns off the TV)

Gorge: We're off to Bay Lake, Sophie! Could you please watch over Molly's house while we're gone?

Sophie: Sure.

(one month later, Sophie is tiny)

Sophie: I'm done with the month.

(Gorge, Robo, Whale Five, and Toxifinder return to Molly's house)

Gorge: We're back.

Toxifinder: Hey! A mouse! Let's shoot her!

Gorge: Don't! That's Sophie.

Toxifinder: She looks tiny.

(Gorge picks up Sophie)

Gorge: Who brought the grow ray?

(Robo, Whale Five and Toxifinder shrug)

Gorge: UGH! I gotta call a doctor!

(Dr. Joe arrives)

Dr. Joe: Did somebody say a doctor?

Gorge: Yes. How can Sophie grow back to normal size?

Dr. Joe: She'll need to sit down and drink enough water to make her grow.

Gorge: Is that all?

Dr. Joe: Well, since it's only info, it'll be free.

Gorge, Toxifinder, Whale Five, & Robo: For FREEEEEE?

Dr. Joe: Yep.

Gorge: OK, then.

(a month later, Sophie is back to her normal size)

Sophie: Thanks, guys.

Gorge: Well, then. That takes care of that.



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