Attack of the Were-Sophie is the 25th episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.



  • Gorge
  • Timmy
  • Were-Sophie


  • Sophie
  • Dores
  • Anchorperson
  • Sophie's Vet
  • Toxifinder


Gorge: Oh dear!

Timmy: What?

Gorge: Watch this!

Anchorperson: This creature, the were-otter, is attracted to a gemstone that helps them transform into their true form. If they are all in their true form, they will destroy the universe, once and for all!

Gorge: (spittake) WHAT? You gotta be kidding me! This stuff is so fake! (laughing)

Timmy: Try not to laugh too hard!

(Gorge gets a call)

Gorge: Hello?

Sophie: (over the phone) I am going to drink this... soda stuff.

Gorge: WHAT? (hangs up)

Timmy: Lemme guess. Ms. Furry is drinking a potion, and she'll turn into a were-otter, and-

Gorge: Please don't spoil the entire thing.

Timmy: OK...

Gorge: But still... were-otters? Craziest idea since Papa Squeegee!

Timmy: No, it's true!

(Gorge gets another call)

Were-Sophie: (over the phone) Tonight... I will take over the entire universe! Tonight...

Gorge: Tonight, I have to find a way to revert you to normal!

Were-Sophie: (over the phone) But it's too late...

(Gorge hangs up)


(cut to the basement)

Timmy: Again, too much Caffeine-free Sun Drop.

Gorge: NO TIME! If I do not use the Normalization Ray tonight, we might as well be living as Were-Sophie's slaves!

Timmy: So?

Gorge: Think of all the stuff that will never happen! Syndicate might never be formed, New City, EVERYTHING will be gone if I don't use this TONIGHT!

Timmy: You're acting crazy!

Gorge: Oh, am I now?

Timmy: (gulp)

Gorge: OK, Were-Sophie... so long. And let me welcome back Sophie.

(Gorge fires the Normalization Ray)

Gorge: Did it work?

(cut to Sophie trying to get up)

(cut back to Gorge's basement)

Gorge: YES!

Timmy: Uhh... how are we gonna cure her of her burns?

Gorge: I'll take her to the vet!

Timmy: I don't want to take the bus!

Gorge: Well, I don't want Saturday School! I have a teleportation device!

Timmy: Whoa! Can I-

(Gorge uses the teleportation device)

Gorge: Sophie! Are you okay?

Sophie: I guess.

(cut to the vet's office)

Sophie's Vet: You look terrible.

Gorge: Is there ANYTHING you can do?

Sophie's Vet: If anything, she can get healed with that healing gun.

(Gorge takes out a healing gun)

Gorge: Whoa!

(Gorge fires the healing gun at Sophie)

Sophie's Vet: Now that'll be free... because you cured her, not me!

Gorge: Thanks!

(cut to Gorge's house)

Gorge: Somehow I went there for free.

Toxifinder: FOR FREEEE? I like anything that's free.



  • This is the first time Gorge uses a teleportation device in the series.
  • This references Bedtime Stories.
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