Back to VECTOR LAND is the 40th episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.


  • Gorge
  • Robo
  • Gatekeeper #2
  • Anchorwoman (Sophie)
  • Whale Five


Gorge: I wonder how many days it would take to use all of the unused content at VECTOR LAND.

Robo: Did you say "VECTOR LAND"?

Gorge: Yes.

Robo: That place was crazy!

Gorge: Wanna use some unused content?

Robo: Sure.

(Whale Five arrives)

Whale Five: Did someone plan a trip to VECTOR LAND? I'm going too!

(everybody hops on the Game Boy Advance and they get sent to VECTOR LAND)

Whale Five: Where's Gatekeeper #2?

Gatekeeper #2: Hey, Robo.

Robo: Hey, Gatekeeper #2.

(Robo, Whale Five and Gorge go to "Unused Content")

Gatekeeper #2: I see you want to visit Unused Content.

Robo: We need to use this junk here.

Gatekeeper #2: You're crazy, right?

Gorge: What's the worst that could happen, Gatekeeper #2?

(picks up 26 cases of Caffeine-free Diet Sun Drop)

Gatekeeper #2: I dunno, the end of VECTOR LAND?

Gorge: Luckily soda won't bring about the end of VECTOR LAND.

Gatekeeper #2: You know that's Caffeine-free Diet Sun Drop, right?

Gorge: Yes.

Gatekeeper #2: It's not really a glitch; the distributors stopped carrying it some time ago.

Gorge: So that's why it's unused content!

Gatekeeper #2: What are you doing with that?

Robo: Found a microphone.

Gatekeeper #2: Careful, Robo! That'll damage the system beyond repair!

(some time later)

Gorge: That was the best time in Unused Content!

Gatekeeper #2: Are they willing to distribute- Robo, what have you done?

Robo: I brought the mic.

Gatekeeper #2: Oh, no.

(Robo drops the microphone and it glitches out)

Gorge: Are you sure it's safe?

Gatekeeper #2: Here, use this portal.

(an anchorwoman is walking in VECTOR LAND)

Anchorwoman: This place seems familiar... wow! It's those three! We need footage of them!

Cameraman: Careful. Gorge is a little too attached to you.

Anchorwoman: I don't care right now! I want footage of them!

Cameraman: I quit!

Anchorwoman: Fine!

(cut back to Gorge)

Robo: What to do now?

Gorge: Well... what else did you take from "Unused Content"?

Robo: Well, umm... several mushrooms, glitchy things, and a box of chocolate cereal.

Gorge: VECTOR LAND is doomed.

Robo: What else is new?

Gorge: Where's Whale Five?

Whale Five: I'm right here.

(the anchorwoman arrives)

Anchorwoman: Hey, guys!

Whale Five: Look who decided to become news personnel!

Robo: How's your reports been?

Gorge: Hello.

Anchorwoman: They're doing right!

Gorge: So... why are you here?

Anchorwoman: (whispering) I used a disguise and went here. I even disguised my voice.

Gorge: OK.

Anchorwoman: I have more reports to do. Bye-bye!

Gorge: OK.

Gatekeeper #2: Now, what was I saying? Oh yeah! That mic will bring the end of VECTOR LAND!

Robo: Well, that's one summer that went down in smoke.

Gorge: Wait, I've got an idea!

Whale Five: We visit the anchorwoman again?

Gorge: Even better. We try to find the way out of VECTOR LAND!

Whale Five: Now, that makes a lot more sense!

Gorge: OK...

Robo: Wait. Who is the anchorwoman?

Gorge: There's gotta be a way out, right? I mean, you've been here before.

Robo: Right...

Gorge: I know VECTOR LAND's a little dark, but we can get out of here.

Gatekeeper #2: OK. So, what have we got?

Gatekeeper #1: Finally got rid of the glitch!

Gatekeeper #2: Thanks.

Gatekeeper #1: You're welcome, Gatekeeper #2.

Gorge: I know that VECTOR LAND feels... familiar to you, Chrome.

Robo: So, who was the anchorwoman?

Gorge: Hmm... she got a disguise... she may be Sophie.

Robo: You're still attached to HER? That's it, I want to get out of VECTOR LAND! Can you please tell me another way out, Gatekeeper #2?

Gatekeeper #2: Well, you can try the exit door.

Robo: Thank you, Gatekeeper #2.

Gatekeeper #2: You're welcome.

Robo: Are you coming?

Gorge: I guess.

Whale Five: Sure.

Gatekeeper #2: I'll just stay here. I'm a gatekeeper here, after all.

Robo: OK, Gatekeeper #2.

Gatekeeper #2: By the way... unglitchy stuff was taken out of Ununsed Content today and put to use, anchorwoman.

Anchorwoman: I have a name, you know!

Gorge: Well, we found a use for some Unused Content.

Robo: All I want is to go home.

(Robo, Whale Five and Gorge exit)

Gorge: Are you glad to be back in reality now, Robo?

Robo: Yes.

Gorge: Now, if only I got to know the anchorwoman's true identity...

Whale Five: It's obviously Sophie.

Robo: I don't want to see Sophie again. She brings back bad memories...

Gorge: Do you wanna play some Fanick Scuffle?

Robo: Sure.


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