Animated series

Blue Syndicate
Genre Science fiction
Created By Invader Rob
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Written By Invader Rob
Voices Of Invader Rob
Country Of Origin United States
Original Language(s) English
№ Of Seasons 2
№ Of Episodes 26
First Aired December 1, 2024
Last Aired September 6, 2025
Running Time 22 minutes
Production Company(s) KM Publishing
Family Fanon Favorites Entertainment
Picture Format 1080p (16:9 HDTV)
Audio Format Advantage Audio Services 8.0
Dolby Surround 5.1 (NTSC)
Related Shows Syndicate
Network KM TV
Nicktoons 1000

Blue Syndicate is a American animated television series spin-off to the popular animated series Syndicate. The series was created by two studios, including KM Publishing and Family Fanon Favorites Entertainment. The show first aired on December 1, 2024, immediately after the season two premiere of Syndicate on KM TV. The show focuses on the Blue Syndicate, a branch of Syndicate who are accidentally sent into an alternate world, Enmity Orb, ruled by LT King, and they must stop him before he destroys the heroes way back home.

Season 1 started on Sunday, December 1st, and took a two week hiatus after three episodes due to the Christmas holidays. It returned back to it's regular new episode timeslot and took a one week hiatus due to Super Bowl XLVIII. It continued to run until the season finale of the show premiered on Sunday, March 16. Season 2 premiered after a two month hiatus on a new Saturday schedule.


  • Rob has written the premise for most episodes. He is the series creator, executive producer, and former showrunner.
  • KM has written a few episodes. He is the co-creator, executive producer, and current showrunner.
  • Bagel is an executive producer.





The show revolves around the Blue Syndicate, a group of heroes who usually fight against evil when Syndicate isn't around. Due to an accident, they are sent to Enmity Orb, in which the corrupt LT King, and alternate version of the deceased LT Fan on Earth, rules the world. The Blue Syndicate then discover that they must fix the corrupted Enmity Orb before it collapses, only then they can return home.


Season one

Title card

There's No Place Like Home title card
There's No Place Like Home
December 1, 2024
Set six months after the events of Syndicate, the Blue Syndicate are working on a chemical experiment, but things go horribly wrong and it opens a portal, sending all the Blue Syndicate members into an alternate world ruled by the tyrant LT King.

Code Help
December 8, 2024
The Blue Syndicate enter LT King's castle and try to defeat him, however this ends up to be a bad idea, as they are not trained for stuff like this. They are easily defeated by LT King and retreat. Rob tells the team that they need more training if they will be able to defeat him and get back home.

A Matt Story: Two Ghost Brothers
December 15, 2024
Matt is kidnapped from the Blue Syndicate's hideout by a shadowy figure. He escapes and discovers that the culprit is a mysterious entity and ghost named Maxx who claims to be his brother. They eventually fight to the death after Matt discovers Maxx's dark secret.

An Animus Story: Dream Nightmare
January 5, 2025
Amimus unknowingly wakes up in a dream world, being convinced that he has actually woken up. He soon however discovers he is trapped in his conscience and is in for unpleasant surprise.

A Chrome Story: Chrome to Lava
January 12, 2025
The team send Chrome on a mission to the core of a volcano. As he fixes the core, the volcano starts to erupt, now it's up to Chrome to get out with the help of Lavan, the God of volcanoes before it is too late.

A Hagel Story: Bageled Antics
January 19, 2025
Hagel must face his fear and save the gang with the help of Anti-Bagel, a anti version of Bagel back home, from a group of giant trolls.

A Rob and Sophia Story: Save and Escape
January 26, 2025
LT King sends Rob a message saying that he plans to kill a innocent imprisoned inmate unless he comes to his castle, so Rob sneaks into LT King's castle, and discover he is captivating Sophia, a girl from another timeline named Dimension Q. He decides to plan a rescue plot and puts it into action.

The Dark Assassin Rises
February 9, 2025
LT King hires Gauntlet, a world infamous assassin, to kill the Blue Syndicate. However things don't go as planned, and soon the assassin faces a predicament not even he was prepared for!

Hagel's Misnakes
February 16, 2025
Tired of putting up with Hagel's mis-usage of weapons, the group banish Hagel. As they realize what they have done, the team decides to find Hagel, but something is keeping him captive in the dark woods, the legendary Titan Snake!

Ruined Ruins
February 23, 2025
The Blue Syndicate come together to stop a group of robots from destroying a village already in ruins from a recent earthquake. Meanwhile Animus and Matt discover the culprit of the robot maker is someone who resides in the village themselves...

Evil Neon Power
March 2, 2025
Chrome, Hagel, and Sohpia have become infected with a mysterious virus that causes him to have a neon glow. They Blue Syndicate soon notice that this neon virus is sapient and has evil intentions...

The Impostor Among Us
March 9, 2025
As the Blue Syndicate prepare for an all-out final battle on LT King and his castle army, Rob discovers clues that leads him to believe that one of the group's members are missing and has been replaced by an impostor. But who exactly is the impostor!?

Attack on LT King
March 16, 2025
The Blue Syndicate start an attack on LT King's castle, and LT King comes face-to face for a battle against Rob. Angry and sick with the Blue Syndicate, he sends his guards, armed with dimension rays, to shoot them. Everyone but Sophia ends up back in the Fanonverse unharmed with the ray blasts, but Rob wants to go back for Sophia.

Season two

Title card

Return to Enmity Orb
June 7, 2025
A week has passed since the Blue Syndicate last entered Enmity Orb, and Rob has been trying to re-create the accident that sent them there, but all attempts have failed. As the rest of the team start to worry about Rob, they contact Bagel to help out Rob's frustration. Bagel goes to the base to talk to Rob, but discovers a note saying he has found a way back in and to contact the other Blue Syndicate members for assistance.

The O.R.B Generals
June 14, 2025
As Rob returns to Enmity Orb, he has discovered six months have passed in Enmity Orb, and during that time LT King has been easily assassinated by a group of seven evil god-human hybrids who call themselves O.R.B, and have now taken over Enmity Orb as the O.R.B Generals with the intention to kill every mortal on the planet. With the entire world in ruins and many dead because of these Generals, Rob discovers Sophia is still alive and that she has joined a human-alien resistance group that is trying the stop O.R.B.

Death Game
June 21, 2025
Rob falls into one of O.R.B's traps trying to find Sophia and the resistance group and is captured by the O.R.B Generals, who want to use him as a bargaining chip. Meanwhile, the other Blue Syndicate members arrive back in Enmity Orb with the help of Bagel who wasn't able to join them in the mission to find Rob.

Calamity Falls
June 28, 2025
Rob is stuck below a deep underground cave network thanks to O.R.B’s trap. He come across a group of ancient underground cave-dweller aliens named the Zornese and they assist him in his escape from the cave. Back at the surface, the other Blue Syndicate members clash with resistance members under the mind control of the fifth O.R.B General, RENO. They are able to gain back the resistance and clash against RENO.

The Darkness Within
July 12, 2025
Despite being a tough foe with powerful psychic abilities, the Blue Syndicate members are able to defeat RENO with the resistance help, although many resistance members had sacrificed their lives in order to kill him, using their own mind thoughts to overdrive his mind control system, resulting in the damage of their own brain and their deaths. Rob is able to climb back out the cave network and reach O.R.B’s palace, only to be confronted by the third O.R.B. member, CRANG.


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Like Syndicate, Blue Syndicate has a large and colorful cast of characters, running a gamut of detailed histories and complex personalities, and allowing many of them their fair share in the spotlight. These characters are also seen to grow and mature as the series progresses.

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