Cartoon Crossover: The Movie is a movie released by Walt Disney Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies after Cartoon Crossover's first season.


Plankton takes over Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob is afraid of what will happen next. Zim decides that he must fight fire with water (fire being villains and water being heroes). SpongeBob then assembles his team (Timmy Turner, Joey, Jimmy Neutron, Fanboy, Chum Chum, Rusty, Patrick Starfish, Sandy Cheeks, and Tak). Plankton then invades New Kelp City, leaving the Bubble Poppin' Boys (from WhoBob WhatPants, a SpongeBob special) homeless. From there, Plankton heads to Shell City (the gift shop from The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie) and takes over the shop, changing prices from cheap to expensive. He also sprayed himself with Moist Potion (from the videogame Nicktoons Unite!) before marching forward. He attacks Scott (from Pizza Boy) and conquers his pizza business. Plankton then sneaks into Diamond Doll City and invades the town. He then goes (by rocket) into the UK, and invades it. He also took the houses of Robo, Whale Five, Hagel, Sr.Wario, MattBoo, and KM. He was then caught red-handed by SpongeBob and forced to give everyone back their rightful properties. Plankton becomes sad and prepares for the sequel.


  • Manny Rivera didn't appear in the movie because he only made 1 appearence in the series.
  • A sequel, called Cartoon Crossover: The 2nd Movie was released after the second season of Cartoon Crossover.
  • A videogame called Cartoon Crossover Movie: The Videogame, based  off this movie, was released for the Nintendo 3DS during Cartoon Crossover's 3rd season.
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