Cartoon Crossover: The 2nd Movie is a movie released by Walt Disney Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies after Cartoon Crossover's 2nd season.


Plankton realizes that this was the sequel and heads off, stealing the properties from the first movie. However, upon Un-Nicktooning, Zim can't fight fire with water. So the Nicktoons temporaily find a replacement for him: Kappa Mikey. They speed off, looking for Plankton. SpongeBob believes that stealing properties was a scheme again. SpongeBob caught Plankton red-handed again (but Plankton breaks free). He continues stealing property, and running away from the Nicktoons. He asks Norm (the genie from Fairly Oddparents) for help. His first wish was to blow everyone away in a twister. The twister didn't kill them, though. Plankton's second wish was to grow big enough to crush his enemies (and return to normal size upon crushing them). He crushes the Nicktoons (but he didn't kill him). His third wish (upon returning to normal size) was for three more wishes. His fourth wish was for a ping-pong table. His fifth wish was for chocolate candy. His sixth wish was for (unfornately) three more wishes. His seventh wish was for 1,000 clams (the currency in SpongeBob SquarePants), his eighth wish was for the Krabby Patty Secret Formula, and his nineth wish was for Norm to be sucked back into the lava lamp. After this, SpongeBob catches Plankton and forced to give back the secret formula (and all remaining properties). Kappa Mikey waves goodbye and walks back (slowly) to the airport and buys a ticket for Japan.


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