Cartoon Crossover: The Final Movie is a movie released by Walt Disney Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies after Cartoon Crossover's 3rd season. It is also the final movie in the Cartoon Crossover franchise.


Y-Guy is arrested and sent to jail. He wakes up, and after a 40 second montage of his day, he gets sent back to his cell. He wakes up again, and after another montage, he gets sent back to his cell again. He wakes up yet again, only to find out he was going to court. He smiles only a little, but that smile fades when he found out that the Nicktoons were the jury. It was Y-Guy vs. Plankton this trial. Y-Guy pleaded not guilty. However, upon hearing Plankton's side (which was 5 minutes in length), the Nicktoons found Y-Guy guilty. Plankton was sent to jail for stealing property, though, serving a 6-month sentence. Y-Guy, however, would be executed. Y-Guy waited for Lady Fuse, but none came. On the day of his execution, he was taken to the execution chamber and electricity shot up through him until he was dead. He was buried near the Nicktoons' treehouse.


  • This movie completes the Cartoon Crossover Movie trilogy.
  • Y-Guy was buried near the treehouse, although the Nicktoons banned him from it.
  • Plankton was sent to jail, even though he was not guilty. Usually those not guilty were set free.


  • Despite Y-Guy being a good guy, he got arrested.
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