This is the transcript for Curiousgorge66's Movie Adventure.


Gorge: What a great day!

Timmy: I agree. No school or anything.

(Gorge sees a ship flying towards the Amazon Rainforest)

Gorge: Huh. I want to know what that is.

(Billy descends from the heavens)

Gorge: Oh, hi Billy.

Billy: (cold silence)

Gorge: Hello?

Billy: (cold silence)

Gorge: Ugh.

Billy: (cold silence)

Gorge: Look. Are you saying something or not?

(Billy writes something that simply says "The species is in danger")

Gorge: What? I could not get that.

Billy: (cold silence)

Gorge: Could you redefine that?

(Billy writes down something that says "The Girl princess was kidnapped by Dores")

Gorge: Wait, who's Dores?

(Billy writes down something that says "An evil person")

Gorge: Okay.

Timmy: You can borrow my Coke sprayer.

Gorge: Thanks.

(meanwhile in Dores's "castle")

Dores: Excellent! Soon you will bulge and swell. (sticks hose into Girl princess's mouth) I hope you get in a better shape.

(Girl princess starts to swell up)

(back to Gorge and Timmy)

Robo: Hey, guys! I got this cheap new video game! It's called "Real Life". Do you want to play?

Gorge: Sure!

(5 minutes later)

Gorge: It stinks. Timmy, do you want to play this game?

Timmy: Sure.

(1 minute later)


(Timmy and Gorge are sucked into the game, and therefore the real world)

Timmy: I feel funny.

Gorge: There's a Chuck E. Cheese's! We can discuss this there.

(meanwhile at the Girl princess's house)

(Girl princess's belly swells up)

(back to Gorge and Timmy)

Gorge: Okay, what do we need to do?

Timmy: There's something over there.

Gorge: Sweet! (inserts token)

Timmy: (holds handful of tokens) I came prepared.

Gorge: (has a few hours of fun)

Timmy: Are you finished?

Gorge: Yeah. Let's cash in all these tickets at the prize counter.

Timmy: That does not work. You have to go through the Ticket Muncher thing.

Gorge: OH! You mean, the Monster Muncher? I got 1,000 tickets!

Timmy: I got 399,000!

Gorge: Well, that makes 400,000!

Timmy: Yeah.

(after the Monster Muncher collects all of the tickets)

Timmy: So what do you want to spend it on?

(Gorge gets Kit-Kats and Coke)

Timmy: Really? You should've asked for Caffeine-free Sun Drop!

Gorge: They were out of those. But you can have the Coke.

Timmy: Thanks.

(meanwhile at the Girl princess's house)

Dores: Hello, Ms. Princess. I need to tell you, where is Gorge and Timmy? I'm going to find them, if it's the last thing I do! Dores, Dores, so adored... I hate love, but I am bored... I am sick of Gorge and Timmy... Take me to an alternate place, SO MOTE IT BE!

(Dores gets sent to the real world)

Dores: Hey, stranger! Could you-

Cody: NO!

Dores: But-

Cody: I've got Call Of Duty and I'm not afraid to use it!

Dores: Gulp.

(at Papa Squeegee's)

Gorge: I think Dores is in the real world. (sprays Dores)

Timmy: Nice shot!

Guard: Come on in, you... two? You realize you can keep that, right?

Gorge: Oh, yeah.

(they both go in)

Dores: Hello, guard.

Guard: Sorry, pal. Read this.

Dores: Slightly racist, not our problem... (gets angry)


Gorge: I am sick of this menu! I want a pizza.

Chef: Yes, we'll get that for you, $1.

Gorge: Good thing I got a buck.

(hands waiter $1 bill)

Waiter: Your order will be here shortly.

Timmy: (hands $5 bill) I'll just have Deep Fried Squeegees.

(after the meal)

Gorge: (throws up on the restaurant)

(Timmy hands Dores the rest of the Deep Fried Squeegees)

Gorge: You were right! They were so overpriced, I believe their slogan is true! I mean, who are they to blame? Canada?

Timmy: No, they blame Ireland.

Gorge: Good point.

(goes to Walmart and gets 20 2-liter bottles of Caffeine-free Sun Drop)

Timmy: I think you're buying Caffeine-free Sun Drop in bulk. That's what I think.

(suddenly throws up from the Deep Fried Squeegees)

Gorge: Let's go to the Outer Banks!

(at the OBX)

Gorge: Maple bacon donuts please. (hands over $20 bill)

Duck Donuts cashier: Thank you.

(2 minutes later)

Gorge: Got the donuts!

Timmy: (takes a bite) Yum! I can't believe how good these donuts are! How do they make those maple bacon donuts?

Gorge: Can't tell you.

(back at Papa Squeegee's)

(Dores throws up on the guard)

Dores: I feel better after a meal like that. Gross!

Guard: I wish I wasn't fired from that pizzeria.

Dores: This job will be your last! (kills guard) (goes in) I want all the Fatty Burgers you have!

Chef: (laughing) Boy, you crack me up! Sorry, but you would inflate like a balloon to the point you would destroy the building!

Dores: Fine. Just get me a Squeegee Cola.

Chef: Sure!

(back to Gorge and Timmy)

Gorge: I think Dores has taken over Papa Squeegee's and turned it into a monarchy-like restaurant! We should see President Obama!

(at the White House)

Obama: I'm sorry. That's not my problem. It's yours.

(Gorge and Timmy chase Dores)

Gorge: Hey, Dores!

(a long battle occurs)

Timmy: (Timmy throws up on Dores)

Dores: Eww! How did you do that?

Timmy: All those Deep Fried Squeegees!

Dores: Can I see the health label for packaged Deep Fried Squeegees?

(Gorge hands Dores a health label)

Dores: WARNING! Deep Fried Squeegees cause vomiting. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Gorge: Okay, Timmy. Hand me some rope.

Timmy: I do?

Gorge: Timmy, please.

Timmy: Okay.

Gorge: Time to go!

(Gorge goes into the animation world and removes the hose from the Girl princess)

Gorge: You're saved... and awfully large. (measures Girl princess) Yep. You're too big. Around 12 feet tall! (gets an idea) Stand still, this may hurt... a little. (punches Girl princess's waist, which causes a chain reaction that caused the Girl princess to deflate)

(Girl princess writes a note saying "Thanks for turning me back to normal")

Gorge: You're welcome. Let's go. (feels a tug and gets pulled back up to the real world with the Girl princess)

Dores: What are you gonna do?

Gorge: Hold still, Dores!

(Gorge and Timmy give Dores a big kick)

Dores: No! Timmy... Gorge... WHY?

(back in the animation world, 5 minutes later)

Gorge: I was heroic today.

Timmy: Don't you mean silly?

Gorge: I guess so.

(Billy descends from the heavens)

Gorge: Hi, Billy!

(Billy writes a note saying "Your task is complete")

Gorge: Thanks!

Billy: (cold silence)

(Billy ascends to the heavens)

Gorge: Bye!

Robo: (on the phone) And so the game was evil. Yes, it put Gorge and Timmy into the game. Yes, they're finally out. Yes, I want the game discontinued- In fact, I want it recalled. You can? Thanks! Bye!

Gorge: What's up?

Robo: A complaint to Ubisoft, maker of the world's "worst" game, "Real Life"! Such liars if they said that the game is completely normal.

Gorge: What happened?

Robo: I took the game back and got a refund... and spent it on Caffeine-free Dr. Pepper!

Gorge: I only had one 2-liter bottle of that stuff in my whole life! Why did you get it?

Robo: Timmy, are you thirsty?

Timmy: Yeah.

Robo: Here.

Gorge: And the Girl princess is back in the Amazon Rainforest.

Timmy: Yeah.

(The End)

(cut to credits)

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