Daniel and Cindy 
Daniel and Cindy Title Card 1939-1942 (1) 
Title card used in shorts from 1939-1943 
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Slapstick, Adventure, Fantasy 
Creator: Daniel A. Gomez 
Director: Michael Avery (1939-60), Willie Barber (1948-1953) 
Voices: Mel Blanc (as Daniel) , Mae Questal (Cindy from 1937-1939), Sara Berner (Cindy from 1940-1955), Cindy Fletcher (Cindy from 1955-1960) 
Theme composer: Carl W. Stalling (1939-1944),

Carl Bradley (1944-1960) 

Opening theme: DG Cartoon Fanfare (1939-1943),

Daniel-Cindy Signature (1943-1947), Daniel and Cindy Theme (1947-1960) 

Number of episodes: 140 
Producer: Daniel A. Gomez 
Production Company: DG Productions, inc. 
Runtime: 6-9 minutes per short 
Picture format: Academy Ratio(1937-1955)

Cinemascope (1955-1960) 

Audio format: Mono 
First aired: August 6, 1937 
Last aired: April 19, 1960 
Followed by: The Daniel and Cindy Show 
Related: DG Cartoons, Inc.

Daniel and Cindy was a long-running series of cartoons directed by Michael Avery and Willie Barber for DG Productions, inc. that ran from 1937 to 1960.


The series began in August 6, 1937 as a Color Melody, "Leopold and his Zany Orchestra." It wasn't until December 6, 1939 that Daniel and Cindy officially debuted with "Holiday Antics." when Avery was just graduating from college at 21 years of age. The series began to hit its stride by 1942 when World War II broke out between the United States and Japan. During the war, a total of 17 cartoons were made for the duo. As soon as the war was over, cartoons featuring Daniel and Cindy are still going strong. By 1953, Michael Avery's mentor Barber died due to over-smoking. So, Avery finished up his last cartoons in a separate unit, until he returned to the Daniel and Cindy Shorts in 1955 until "Notes to You" on April 19, 1960.


The series focuses on the titular duo getting into strange situations with very exaggerated slapstick comedy.


Daniel - see

Cindy - see

A.A.P. Package

In 1956, films, including Screwloose Dog, Color Melodies, and oneshot cartoons from before April 1949 have been released under the TV firm, Associated Artist Productions along with pre-August 1948 Looney Tunes and pre-1956 Popeyes. In such cartoons, the opening music would play with the imposing aap logo, and after 16 seconds, the film starts off normally. On some films, the aap logo would also be superimposed over the DG Cartoons opening logo, rendering the original theatrical footage as lost. These prints were commonly seen in American households when they were shown on Independent stations from 1960 until DG Productions remastered the prints for modern audiences in 1997.

Video Release

Prior to official releases, all shorts in the a.a.p. package from before April 1949 were released in Public Domain Tapes between 1981 to 1993. In 1987, DG Home Video introduced a collection of Daniel and Cindy shorts under "Daniel and Cindy's Troublesome Adventures" and "Daniel and Cindy: Best of Wartime" These videos would be reprinted in Laserdisc by 1991. Shortly before the Daniel and Cindy Show started airing on Daniel Network in January of 1995, they released 5 volumes of shorts on VHS under "The Best Of Daniel and Cindy Collection." Between 2001 and 2006, when DVD was the craze, they released only 4 volumes of "Daniel and Cindy Spotlight Collection." No further video releases were made until the release of all 4 "Daniel and Cindy Golden Collections" between 2014 and 2017.

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