Merrygocindyoriginalcard1943 lost print
Series: Daniel and Cindy
Episode №: 15
Airdate: June 24, 1943
Writer(s): Edward Manson
Supervising Producer: Daniel A. Gomez
Main: Michael Avery
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Merry-Go-Cindy is a 1943 animated cartoon directed by Michael Avery and the 15th overall Daniel and Cindy short distributed by DG Productions, inc. In this cartoon, Cindy takes on the role of a kidnapped circus acrobat, only to save herself from distress by outwitting her foes.


It was nighttime at the neighborhood and Cindy was just asleep. However, a couple of goons moved the bed to a truck, which promptly takes her to a circus. Later that morning, Cindy woke up and thought she had a nightmare of said thing. It was when she discovered she was forced to wear tights, because the ringmaster (Daniel) is calling her to get on stage. Hijinks ensue.

Later, Cindy meets her supposed goons, Franz and Hilnaldo. They offered Cindy a deal to see who can do better in acrobatics. The first act involves the trapeze, and Cindy notices that Franz was attempting to make her slip her grip. As she complied, she successfully crosses from one side to another. Franz was in shock and tries to replicate what she did, but ended up slipping and falling through the net.

In the second act, Cindy and co. tried to walk across a tightrope, but instead of walking, they all used a balancing ball. Once again, Cindy was victorious, and offers both Franz and Hilnaldo a free cigar *it's explosive* and BAM. Both goons get tuckered up.

By the third act, both boys were tired of her antics. So to try and get rid of Cindy, they tried a plan that would almost seem to be foolproof. The ringmaster calls for Cindy to be fired from a cannon. Ala Duck Season, she forces him to get onto the cannon and fires him away, ending with a remark, "Every day, I always get rid of those foolish freaks."


Academy Award Runner-up

In 1943, this cartoon was close to be nominated for an Oscar, but was rejected for "The Yankee Doodle Mouse", "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins", "The Dizzy Acrobat", "Greetings Bait", "Imagination", and "Reason and Emotion" for best animated short.

Opening Music

Apparently, at the very beginning of the cartoon, The instruments that were playing a snippet of "Over the Waves" were later used for the 1946-1954 rendition of "The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" in many Looney Tunes shorts. This track was indeed lost. By 1951, they used the theme for "Slap Happy Lion" instead. The restored version with the 1951 reissue track can be found on Disc 3 of the Daniel and Cindy Golden Collection Volume One blu-ray set.


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