Dr. Boom is the main antagonist of Nicky. He is selfish and wants to take over the world (and get revenge on his nemesis's Brandon and Nicky while doing it).


Events of "Nicky"


Events of "Syndicate"

After his horrible defeat in Nicky, Boom tries to eliminate Syndicate and prove himself a worthy and powerful villain. In Syndicate, set in 2023, Dr. Boom has become cold and aloof, maintaining little regard for human life. Despite his cruel and nihilistic nature, Boom was known to possess a very down-to-earth outlook on life. Boom is very powerful and a highly analytical and cunning man.

Powers and abilities

Boom is a weak snivly human without his armor. As such, he always stays in it because of this and because of a horrible accident that burnt his face into a horrible form. He is, however, always intelligent and can make a hand gauntlet from simply a few metals and a welder's mask.

When in the Battle Armor, Boom has the power of flight, magnetic energy, electricity (including being able to drain it from a working machine or disperse it to one), and two hand gauntlets, one for each hand. These shoot basic primitive heat rays condensed to power their heat. They can burn things quite easily as well as bring down buildings in one hit, if condensed enough. He always wears his BoomWatch, a phone/tablet/watch that  is sometimes used for comedy (him playing Angry Birds while fighting or on a past time) but can also be Syndicate and other foes worst nightmare. It can be used to instantly summon BoomBots by the millions to fight. It can also hack into the most complicated systems, such as Syndicate's main computer or other high tech computers such as the Zhao Industries' computers.


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