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Fiction Foundry is a wiki that hosts original shows, video games, channels, and other content. Please note that fan-fiction is not allowed.

This site was created on April 8, 2009. As of 2017, this wiki is 8-years-old and active.


October, 2013

The wiki received a spooky background and wordmark. This decision would later be regretted when, due to Wikia glitches, the background and wordmark were impossible to revert or get rid of, even when the files were deleted (i.e., the wiki was literally haunted).

April Fools, 2014

Community Messages and Home Page were edited and replaced with a message that said the wiki was closing down. Below it was a picture of a cute baby in a pink bunny suit.

April Fools, 2015

The wiki was redesigned and retitled the "Cartoon Network Fanon Wiki". The logo changed, and the background was white and blue instead of the usual orange.

October 11 - October 31, 2015

The wiki had a skeleton background, and a Halloween wordmark.

April Fools, 2016

The wiki was redesigned as the "Rick & Morty Fanon Wiki", with the logo changing and the overall layout changing as well.

October 2016

The logo received a facelift, and the background was changed to a skeleton with the trumpet.

Annual events

Nick Fanon: Cartoon Con (2012-2015)

Was an annual conventions starring Nick Fanon users. Wario is the host and creator of this event. Derpy has hosted with Wario for the third installment. Derpy hosted the fourth event solo. In 2016, it was replaced by the Fiction Foundry ComicCon.

Fiction Foundry Awards

An annual awards event based off of Nick's KCAs. SSK was the creator and host of the first event, while Bagel was the host for the second event in 2013. As of 2014, this event was temporarily defunct as it was planned to merge with Cartoon Con, but these plans were cancelled. Instead, KM adopted the event and will be hosting its third awards' special. Chaossy hosted the fourth and will host the fifth event.

Fiction Foundry Con

A convention that is apart of the NickFanon Choice Awards. The first event was held in November of 2015, while the 2016 event will be held in early 2016. Chaos is the host of the event.

Fiction Foundry ComicCon

The second convention that will be held in the year. It will be held in either late July or early August.

Nick Fanon Music Awards

An annual awards event usually held in October. Kitty is the host of the event.

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