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Fiction Foundry (often abbreviated as FF) is an original fiction site, i.e., a place for content that you yourself create that is not based on or related to any real-life media (fan-fiction is not allowed). This can be a story, show, movie, video game, TV channel, etc. If you'd like to get right to it, you can create a new page and also upload a new picture. If you would like to share your ideas or suggestions with the community, you can create a blog post. Please read our policy before you contribute. Keep in mind that you need to be thirteen or older to have a Wikia account.

If you need any help or have questions, please contact our admins.

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Tappy cards Tappy cards 6 April 2021

Hi OMG Hi ^ ^

Hiii omg Hi :3

OXO hiii oMg hiii \^_^/

Play ARMS right now. +_+

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CartoonJames2011 CartoonJames2011 7 March 2020

This wiki is still alive?

why is this wiki still alive

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ItzAceTheBlueWolf ItzAceTheBlueWolf 9 January 2020

Now Hiring (Stickman Productions)

Hello, my Wolfbloxians. It's me, AceBlueWolfe who is now on Fiction Foundry and changed his usernam…

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CaptainMars133 CaptainMars133 30 December 2019

What should i create?

Hi, everybody. My name is CaptainMars133, and i dunno what to write. I'm a new user, and I know how…

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Chaossaii Chaossaii 16 August 2019

Cleanup time

Starting this weekend, I'll be cleaning up some pages that don't follow our quality control guideli…

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