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Many articles on Fiction Foundry have potential, but this potentiality is never seen to its full extent because these articles are abandoned and discontinued for a variety of reasons. If you feel an article has potential but realized no one is working on it, you may request an adoption for the page.


  • You cannot adopt an article if you've been blocked more than two times.
  • You must have more than ten edits.
  • You must be active on a regular basis.
  • The article you're requesting to adopt must have not been edited on for two months before it can be deemed abandoned. If the article was edited during the two month period, you cannot request an adoption unless the edit was for maintenance reasons (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and etcetera).
  • You must make an attempt to reach out to the original creator of the article and ask for permission. You can find the original creator of the article if you check through its history. If the original creator was a wiki contributor, then you do not have to contact him/her.
  • You must promise that you'll actually edit the article you're attempting to adopt.

More than one user requesting to adopt the same page

If more than one user is requesting to adopt the same page as the other user, they must both first qualify. If they meet the criteria, then both users will be proceeded to be judged and compared by their chat ban log (if any), block log (if any), their contributions, and overall reputation.

Request form

  • Enter the name of the article in the box below.
  • Click "submit."
  • When you submit, SWITCH TO SOURCE MODE and fill out the information in the template.
  • Leave the "Support", "Oppose", and "Comments, questions, and discussion" sections empty, but do not remove them.

And remember...

  • Sign your posts!
  • Use either the Support or Oppose template! If it's a comment or question, you don't have to.
  • If you have a regular or small signature, insert * before it
  • Reply to others under "comments, questions, and discussion" using @.
    • End a discussion using four dashes (----).
  • Don't create a request for something you already own!
  • Only list one show!
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