"Good Evening John"
World of John episode
Good Evening John
John McRocket in a bed
Episode № Season 1
Episode 1
Air Date March 1, 1988
Written By Christian Nuñez
Alex Akerbladh
Henry Selik
Directed By Tim Hill
John Musker
Daniel A. Baker
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"Good Evening John" is the very first episode of World of John, This episode was originaly aired on March 1, 1988.


John McRocket and his family needs go to sleep.


In the night John McRocket and his family they have much sleep because I had to go to sleep but Yamileth saying "Good Evening" to their guys but all does not go according to plan. When the guys are sleeping there came a great nightmare John and is dreaming falling in the airplane using with the parachute but the airplane is plan to destroy and they will crash where the city Hillville and was destroyed the McRocket's House and the McRocket family was died but John was scared and it was only a dream. And also was appear the death, evil cat and the evil tree in the window but the guys is are scaring and goest to parent's room but they was awoked but the guys is scared and needs to dream in the parent's and they lay down in the bed and they slept.



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