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H+ is a secret government agency led by Sapient, composed of and funded by xenophobic elites (amoral tycoons and politicians, corrupt government officials, etc.) They are anthropocentrics who exist to purge the non-human populace from Earth, believing that by doing so they'd be protecting humanity. H+ are threatened by non-humans because of their advanced physiology and their chaotic nature, being the cause of most conflict in the Foundry. They made their debut as the primary antagonist of the first season of Syndicate but were singlehandedly wiped out and martyred by Eris in the season finale.




Notable members

  • Alistair: Sapient's right-hand, Alistair is a city councilman who becomes a mayoral candidate following Æ's death. He is a demagogue who exploits human frailty to turn them against non-humans, pushing the sentiment, and thereby furthering the group's agenda.
  • Ludwig: The department head of Genome, Ludwig is an expert in biological tampering although his experiments are known to go spectacularly wrong, usually resulting in the deaths of many personnel.
  • Stan: The torture technician. He looks nice, smells nice, and is very polite.
  • Violet:


  • They made several cameos in other series before their debut in Syndicate.
  • H+ is named after the transhumanism movement.
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