Lucia Galveston
Real name In̸̼̝f͉̱̝̟̘͞i̺̪͔̜͎̰̙n̟̻̩̲i̖̻͕̮͍̼̬͠t̹͜i͇̦̩͔̻̳͙u̻̫m̭̗̮̻̹̺
Species Inter-dimensional demon
Residence City Hall
Relatives Jonathan J. Johnson (husband)
Marylyn-Jane Johnson (step-daughter)
Gender Female
Voiced by Grey DeLisle
Lucia "Infinitium" Galveston is a powerful demoness overlord, and secondary antagonist in the Risky Frizz series. In the series, Infinitium is the wife of Colorado City mayor, Mayor Jon, who is unaware of his wife's malicious investments. Infinitium has a hatred for superheroes, and especially despises main character - Risky Dingo. She shows a minor amount of respect for her husband, unlike her step-daughter, which is possibly Infinitium's only lighthearted side. Her schemes usually involve attempting to destroy the Risky Frizz gang, using her henchmen and various supernatural abilities. In English, her voice actor is Grey DeLisle, and was created by series creator, Ralf Hat.




Additional information

  • Her design and certain aspects of her personality and abilities have been linked as similar towards the Devil.
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