John S. McRocket
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 27
Birthday: July 5, 1976
Hair color:       Yellow
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  Eduardo Lookburger
  Professor Destroyamber
Harold Johnson
The Sexy Diana
Yamileth McRocket
Tommy McRocket
Maria McRocket
Kyle McRocket
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Good Evening John
Voiced by:
Christian Nuñez
Sachi Matsumoto (Japan)
John Seamus McRocket, better know as John McRocket, originaly planned to be Joel McRocket ( Born in July 5, 1976) is the main titular protagonist of the popular american animated series World of John. He is a 27 years-old boy and he lives in the Hillville with his sister named Maria McRocket, a brother named Kyle McRocket, and have a best friend named Eduardo Lookburger and an enemy named Harold Johnson. John is a nerd boy but likes to eat Cheeze "N" Cheezy, Papa-Chips, Nachos, Hamburgers and Freezy-Cola. He is voiced by the cartoon nist, Christian Nuñez. And he first appeared in the official episode Good Evening John in 1988.


John McRocket is 27 year-old boy who lives in the city of Hillville. In 1999 Christian Nuñez started:



John McRocket has yellow hair, a pair of nerd glasses, a red shirt with the number 10 (as a american football player in the 1964), blue short pants, brown shoes and blue eyes.


Character development

American version

The first conceptions of John McRocket date back to 1961, while waiting in the lobby of producer John Musker's office. Christian had been working on a character design of John McRocket.

The character, dubbed "Joel McRocket" was to be announced in July 1968. "Joel McRocket" was originally planned to be a stickman, but Christian said The character doesn't want to be a stick figure. By the end of 1970, Nunez and Selick reached a deal where by "Joel McRocket" was removed becoming "John McRocket", because "John" is Christian's favorite word.

Joel McRocket was originally going to be aged 15-year old, but Christian Nunez moved up to next age.[1]

In 1972, After the release of Christian Comic, Christian Nunez stated:

John McRocket was a 27-year old boy who lives at Hillville. he was cool.
— Christian Nunez


John McRocket was originaly voiced by Tom Kenny


John McRocket appears in nearly all episodes, video games, comics and movies.




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