This is a list of episodes of the Nickelodeon Nicktoon, Random Times.

Series Overview

Season # Season Premiere Season Finale # of Episodes
One September 1st, 2011 December 22nd, 2011 17
Two March 1st, 2012 June 28th, 2012 18
Three January 3rd, 2013 March 21st, 2013 12

Pilot (2008)

Title Original Airdate
Random Times December 24th , 2012

Season One (2011)

In the show's first season, each episode contained 2 10-minute cartoons made with paper cut-out animation.


Original Airdate

Episode No. Notes
Pilot September 1st , 2011 1 First Episode.
Mike , Mike , & Mike ; Forever Found September 8th , 2011 2
Privacy Puking ; The City Of Nothing September 15th , 2011 3 Withdrawn from the U.S. due to a Part where Jon eats his own Puke.

Money In The Air Like You Just Don't Bare! ;

Shrinking Ann

September 22nd , 2011 4
Oh My Mom! ; Mauler Man September 29th , 2011 5
Pinecraft October 6th , 2011 6 Title Parody : Minecraft.
Beth Takes The Quiz Whiz ; Known For Getting Pinned October 13th , 2011 7
Your Real Best Bud ; You're Nude , Dude October 20th , 2011 8
Haunted October 27th , 2011 9 Halloween Special.
Just Eat It! ; Who Are You , People?!?! November 3rd , 2011 10
Just The Six Of Us... November 10th , 2011 11

This was supposed to be the series finale , But do to the noise of fans , The episode was scraped & deleted by The studio.

Beth has a crush on Cole only in this Episode.

Can You Stop That? ; The Water. November 17th , 2011 12
The Big Turkey Chase! November 24th , 2011 13 Thanksgiving Special.
From every jerk, To every jerk ; Television Peepull December 1st , 2011 14
Mel December 8th , 2011 15
Pump It Up! ; Max For Long December 15th , 2011 16
Santa Searchers December 22nd , 2011 17

Christmas Special.

Also the season 1 finale.


Title Original Airdate Season No. Notes
Who Years Eve December 31st , 2011 1 New Years Eve Special.

Season Two (2012)

In Season Two, each episode only had one dialouge, but still lasted half an hour. & computer generated effects are now used with the paper animation.


Original Airdate Episode No. Notes
I am 2000 March 1st, 2012 19 Season 2 premiere.
Sloppy Jon March 8th, 2012 20
Program Reel of Fortune March 15th, 2012 21 Title Parody: Wheel of Fortune
The Revenge of Plankton March 22nd, 2012 22 Special Guest Appearences: Eugene Krabs (Cameo at the end of the episode) & Sheldon J. Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants.
When Seeds go Bad March 29th, 2012 23

Special Guest Appearences: Arnold Shortman (Cameo) From Hey Arnold!

80s Clothing April 5th, 2012 24
Lavatory Laboratory April 12th, 2012 25 This episode is known as "Bathroom Science" In Canadian & Australlian airings.
Don't Stop April 19th, 2012 26 Special Closing Theme: Don't Stop (Colors on the Wall), by Foster The People.
Bear in my House April 26th, 2012 27 The shot in which Beth gets mauled by a bear at the end of the episode was edited out due to major violence, the actual scene can be seen on the Season 2 DVD.
I Wish to be Rich May 3rd, 2012 28 Special Guest Appearences: Wanda & Cosmo from The Fairly OddParents.
Nostalgicly Watching May 10th, 2012 29 In the shot in which Mike, Cole, Ann, & Beth are watching nostalgia on youtube includes a season 1 episode of the former Nicktoon, KaBlam!
I am your sandwich May 17th, 2012 30
Biscut Sale May 24th, 2012 31
Diary of an Average Girl May 31st, 2012 32

Title Parody: Diary of a Young Girl.

This episode was dedicated to Anne Frank.

Chocolate Soup June 7th, 2012 33
Lizard Ball Z June 14th, 2012 34 Title Parody: Dragon Ball Z.
Max after the Dentist June 21st, 2012 35 Title Parody: David after the Dentist.

A Dummer Summer Bummer

June 28th, 2012 36 Season 2 Finale.

Season Three (2013)

This is the third & final season of the series, in which flash-animation is used for the rest of the show's run, with no paper animation. By the time the 3rd season premiered, new episodes were moved to TeleDude. This was also the only season to contain only 12 episodes, with a 1-hour series finale.

Title Original airdate Episode No. Notes
Paper-cut-out Cartoon Making Time January 3rd, 2013 37

Season 3 premiere.

The scenes from the cartoon Mike & the other boys make is actually from the original 2006 christmas card.

I'm Nobody, Who Are YOU? January 10th, 2013 38 Special Closing Theme: A song based on the poem "I'm Nobody, Who Are You?" by Emily Dickinson.
Little Flockers January 17th, 2013 39 Title Parody : Little Fockers
Time Travelers January 24th, 2013 40
Burgers January 31st, 2013 41
The Case of Pie February 7th, 2013 42 This episode was dedicated to the memory of Edward Koch.
Fresh Kid of Dumb-air February 14th, 2013 43 Title Parody: Fresh Prince of Bel-air
The Random Witch Project February 21st, 2013 44 Title Parody: The Blair Witch Project
Ice-Guy from Thousands of years ago February 28th, 2013 45
Dynamite Nite March 7th, 2013 46
Holy Crud March 14th, 2013 47
The End March 21st, 2013 48

Series finale.

Also, the only episode to last one-hour, excluding the new years' eve special.

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