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Species Superhuman
Gender Male
Affiliation Symmetry (formerly)
Love interest(s) Ivory (formerly)
Enemies Bishop, Zaria, Oblivion, Sapient, Eris, The Entity
Archenemy Oblivion
Residence New City, Oregon (2012-2015)
Fort Pooda, California (2015-2023)
Elysium (2023-present)
Alignment Good
Marital status Engaged (2024)
Married (2027)
Debut The Bagel Show
Created by KM
Latest appearance Syndicate

Mage is a regular character in the Foundry, appearing as the protagonist of Bandit Territory, one of the main characters of Syndicate, a recurring character in The Bagel Show, and many more. As the reincarnation of the deity Apollyon, Mage was orphaned and groomed from a very young age to be the ultimate weapon for a villainous organization. Mage is essentially played up as the Foundry's lampshade, a la Squirrel Girl.




Mage is weird. Most of the time he is just really distracted and deep in thought, wondering about things that don't really matter like whether or not he should break night watching Risky Frizz or Kitchen. Mage can talk to Apollyon and vice versa telepathically, but all they do is argue which in turn makes Mage appear to argue with himself. Coupled with odd mannerisms influenced by The Ring (jerky body movement/sudden teleportation), Mage creeps people out, including the ones he saves.

Mage's upbringing left him socially inept and consequently very blunt, yet he is occasionally prone to bouts of simpleminded wisdom. Mage will often lampshade ridiculous motivations and plot elements and use offhand insults, sometimes towards himself. This is quite literally the case with most of his encounters with Oblivion, Mage's dark and edgy villainous counterpart.

Powers and abilities

  • Deity soul
    • Apollyon's orbs: These versatile orbs orbit Mage and are controlled telepathically. They are used for offense and defense and can change in size, form, and durability, allowing Mage to create constructs (tools, weapons, shields, items).
    • Limited darkness manipulation:
    • Limited teleportation: Mage can teleport short distances instantaneously, but can't teleport other people or items away.
  • Magic
    • Limited flight: Flying is taxing for Mage, he admits only using it for dramatic effect.


Much of Mage's appearance is influenced by Apollyon. He has grey skin, white monochromatic eyes and curly black hair kept under a purple witch's hat and draped in a matching oversized cape. Underneath, Mage wears a loose-fitting blue shirt, fingerless gauntlets and goes commando with no pants (thankfully he uses his manipulation over darkness to conceal his dong).


Old designs

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