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Martianlovers is an American animated series that premiered on EliShows on November 18th, 2015. The series revolves around the illegal life of a Neptunian and Martian couple with a child living on Mars, but they are unable to get married because Mars does not allow marriage between two people from different planets. They are on the brink of being in jail, but thankfully, the Martian female (Lucina) had unknowingly killed the mayor of Mars. The couple later marry after Lucina's significant other, Neppenutan the Seventh, becomes King of Neptune and needs a "fair maiden". The series is rated TV-PG and currently airs on SBCA's network, NickZone as of August 29th, 2017.

Format Animated sitcom

Sci-fi sitcom Cyberpunk

Created by Mrs Chanandler Bong
Writer Mrs Chanandler Bong
Director EliNinja
Edited by Mrs Chanandler Bong
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 10 (13 segments)
Run time 21-24 minutes
Rated TV-PG
Network EliShows (US)
Production Company YouTube (worldwide)


  • Lauren Tom
First aired
  • Seth Green
  • Adam West

November 18th, 2015

Last aired March 29th, 2017


Mrs Chanandler Bong often updates her blog with news about her shows. ​Martianlovers ​is no exception and updates on the show from the blog and subreddit will be covered here.

  • August 29th, 2017: ​Mrs Chanandler Bong has revealed the plots for the upcoming ​November Has Come ​miniseries, as well as posting some concept art of an old, near-to-death "Sleepy".
    • In a second update, Mrs Chanandler Bong addressed the network issue. It reads:
      • ​I am proud to say that ​Martianlovers ​will be currently airing repeats of season one on NickZone, which we have been in talks with since December. The next three episodes will air in Winter on NickZone so make sure you don't miss them as due to NickZone's lack of communication regarding the series' future, the November Has Come ​miniseries will serve as the finale of the show. Also, yes, so you can stop asking, the episodes are named after the Gorillaz song and every single episode of that miniseries is finished! Again, thank you to everyone who has supported the show and special thanks to the people behind NickZone and the fans who got it there in the first place by supporting us and showing demand for the show. Love every single one of you.
  • August 28th, 2017: ​Mrs Chanandler Bong's Reddit account has been active lately, and has added the episode names "November Has Come (Part 1)", "November Has Come (Part 2)" and "Cruel Winter" to the Martianlovers ​subreddit's season one episode list, as well as posting a mysterious blog that reveals new episodes are coming in November. Fans have put two and two together and are suspecting a new update soon.
  • ​March 29th, 2017: ​The new episode "In Holy Martianomy", after over a year of teasing, has finally premiered.
  • ​February 5th, 2017: ​The plot for "In Holy Martianomy" has been revealed.
  • January 11th, 2017: ​Concept art of Lucina with a wedding ring has been posted and the subreddit's season one episode list has been updated with a new episode name "In Holy Martianomy", as well as its specific premiere date that was teased on the 1st.
  • January 10th, 2017: ​Mrs Chanandler Bong has revealed the name for the sixth episode of the series. It is "In Holy Martianomy".
  • ​January 5th, 2017: ​Concept art of Neppenutan's servant panting and holding a letter has been posted.
  • ​January 1st, 2017: ​Mrs Chanandler Bong has updated the blog for the first time since November stating that she is aware of the long hiatus and answers the most commonly-asked question from fans. The update reads:
    • ​Yes, I am aware that it's been nearly a year since the last episode. Sadly I can't really help with that. I want to continue this series with the team and get it out to the fans, but with a lot of the staff quitting and the network not funding us enough to make what we want to make, we're pressured to get it out as soon as possible. We're currently looking for another network to air the last few episodes of the first season. Talking about new episodes, yes, there are several episodes that are finished and will (hopefully) air next year. We have been in talks with NickZone about airing the episodes that need to be aired however it is so far looking pretty grim. We might even have to give up and dump the episodes on YouTube at this point. So, to answer your questions, yes, we can confirm that there is a finished episode that will air this March, and a few other episodes are in the works to be aired sometime this year. I would not be surprised if they are our last episodes. Thank you to everyone who has supported us by watching our show. We love you.

List of episodes

​Season One (2015-)

Episode title and description Notes Airdate Community rating on r/martianlovers/
Early Days: A flashback to the early days of the couple's relationship, when Neppenutan met Lucina's mother and vice versa. (TV-PG-L / PG)

Lauren Tom, Seth Green and Adam West, the main stars of the series, all make their debut in this episode.

November 18, 2015


Coming Out of the Space Closet: Lucina is scared Neppenuten's newfound gay friend is making Neppenuten the same sexuality. (TV-PG-D / 12) This episode was delayed before it aired due to worries from the network about its content and subject matter. December 2, 2015 9/10 
The Illegal Merriment: The couple celebrate an illegal holiday - Christmas. (TV-PG-L / PG) This episode is the first Christmas special of the show, and the third that Mrs Chanandler Bong has written, after a short and a Krazy vs. Life ​episode. December 23, 2015 8/10 
Early Days II: ​A flashback to the discussion that Lucina had with the mayor of Mars in which she defended her rights as a Martian and discussed how she should be able to love whoever she wants. (TV-PG-DLV / 12) This episode was not completely written by Mrs Chanandler Bong despite what the credits say, but the original writer is unknown and has decided to keep their name private. January 13, 2016 10/10 

​Something Strange: ​Neppenutan becomes King, however the crown assaults him and traps the King in a void of evil. (TV-PG-V / PG)

The title is a reference to a series started by Kjjb in 2014, ​Something Strange. ​It was also co-written by Cosmobo. January 27, 2016 6/10
​In Holy Martianomy: ​Neppenutan is told by his servants that he will need a "fair maiden" to continue his reign as King, hence he proposes to Lucina and she moves to Neptune in order to marry Neppenutan. (TV-PG / PG) This was the first episode to air after more than a year, and the first to be announced on Mrs Chanandler Bong's blog. March 29, 2017 9/10
​November Has Come (Part 1): ​The dreaded season of November falls upon Neptune, in which all of the animals and crops of Neptune begin to suffer due to extremely unpredictable weather. (TV-PG / ?) This was the second episode to be announced before its airdate on Mrs Chanandler Bong's blog. November 22nd, 2017 Unaired
​November Has Come (Part 2): ​Neppenutan is largely oblivious to the nature of his own planet collapsing around him, or at least that's what everyone thinks. In reality, he is extremely nervous due to being new to the job. Either way, he does nothing to try and help Neptune until the King's loyal pet horse, nicknamed "Sleepy" (who has been with Neppenutan since he was a child), dies while Neppenutan is riding him in the woods. (TV-PG / ?) This was the third episode to be announced before its airdate on Mrs Chanandler Bong's blog. November 29th, 2017 Unaired
​Cruel Winter: November has gone and everyone is trying to dust off the hell that was the unpredictable weather conditions, however Neppenutan is still experiencing guilt from letting "Sleepy" die. (TV-PG / ?) This was the fourth episode to be announced before its airdate on Mrs Chanandler Bong's blog. It is also the second Christmas special of the series, and fifth that Mrs Chanandler Bong has ever written. December 2017 Unaired


Martianlovers ​has been criticized frequently for its lack of consistency in its airing schedule, with the subreddit almost getting closed by the creator due to lack of activity. The network has not commented on this controversy as of August 2017, however Mrs Chanandler Bong addressed it in a January 2017 update. r/martianlovers/ is currently very active with the announcement of three new episodes coming in Winter 2017, and also the announcement of the series moving to NickZone.


Martianlovers ​has been generally recieved positively, with many commenting on its method of presenting characters that although strange and nonsensical, the viewer cares for. The episodes "Coming Out of the Space Closet" and "Early Days II" have been overwhelmingly positively recieved, particularly by the LGBTQ+ community who found its commentary on sexuality brave and unlike any other commentary in animation.

Many fans have commented on the complex relationship between Lucina and Neppenutan and that Neppenutan is often very cold torwards Lucina after the events of "Coming Out of the Space Closet". Neppenutan's negative attitude torwards Lucina's hypocritical view on love and sexuality are revealed and developed in "Early Days II". After the show returned in 2017, most fans had a problem with that aspect of the show being almost entirely scrapped as they are wed in the comeback episode.

Some fans are worried about the potentially protentious nature of the environmental theme covered in the ​November Has Come group of episodes, however reception of the first episode from critics who saw it early was largely positive.

Cast and crew

  • Mrs Chanandler Bong - creator, executive producer, writer
  • Eli - executive producer/producer, director
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