Species Acadian
Gender Male
Eye color       Neon blue
Relatives Prime (grandfather)
Lucifer (father)
Apollyon (brother)
Various other siblings
Affiliation Primordial Deities
Alias(es) Star
Friends Lord Byzantine
Abilities Nigh omnipotence
Alignment Good
Marital status Single
Debut The Bagel Show
Created by KM
Signature appearance Morningstar & Byzantine Get a Show

Morningstar is one of the protagonists of Morningstar & Byzantine Get a Show. He is the last surviving member of the Primordial Deities and one of the oldest living characters in the Foundry. Morningstar is a happy-go-lucky lovable idiot whose only goal is to befriend every single person he meets, even villains like Oblivion, whom he considers one of his best friends. Because of his naïve nature, Morningstar is very easy to be taken advantage of and, although he considers himself to be a hero, most of his actions are detrimental to others. He was created by KM and has made appearances in The Bagel Show, Bandit Territory, and Syndicate.



Despite living for millennia, Morningstar is anything but wise. He has a very childlike and idealistic outlook of the world as his only goal is to befriend everyone he meets. This, along with his lack of any common sense, usually results in villains taking advantage of his naiveté or him unintentionally endangering the lives of others. Despite the damage he typically causes, Morningstar is genuinely benign and well-intentioned. Although a nuisance to many, his personality is magnetic and characters eventually find themselves either warming up to Morningstar or pitying his stupidity.

Powers and abilities

Like the rest of his family, Morningstar is nearly omnipotent and is capable of incredible feats but is greatly limited by his own intelligence. However, Morningstar is potentially the strongest of his siblings as he doesn't have a specific affinity, as opposed to say Apollyon, the God of Darkness, or Luna, the Goddess of Space. He can also break the fourth wall to an extent.


Morningstar is the only Primordial Deity with a mouth, as his siblings usually lack any visible orifices. He has blue gooey-like skin that constantly emanates off of him and neon blue eyes that resemble gemstones. He has two horns, his face is dark blue, and his skin has a sky blue tint. He wears green sweatpants and grey socks.


  • Morningstar is something of a mascot for the Foundry and has made cameos in every single Foundry show, excluding the ones he has a role in.
  • The word "morning star" has been used to refer to both Jesus and Lucifer.
  • The character was originally named Nick, had three eyes, orange skin, pointy ears, a more traditional alien look, and a fixation for Cuban cigars. The only thing that wasn't changed is his green pants.
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