Species Android
Gender Male
Affiliation Project Venture
Enemies Web
Archenemy Web
Weapon(s) Achromatic Blade
Alignment Bad
Marital status Single
Debut Syndicate
Created by KingOfSpriters12
Signature appearance Syndicate

Net is a robotic clone of Web created with one prime objective: destroy Syndicate. He's electronically linked to Web's brainwaves, knowing his thoughts, emotions, fears, and even sudden sensations, such as pain.



Net was created by Professor Carrotstein so that Project Venture could have a member to outfight Web. Net was the first of many Syndicate robotic clones that would be created.

Assault on Fort Pooda

Net was sometime later approached by Chrome, who had believed Syndicate corrupted his old friend Wario. Chrome wanted vengeance and Net, realizing this is his chance to eliminate his archenemy, agrees to help Chrome. With partial assistance from Professor Carrotstein, Net constructs the Robot Syndicate and leads a synchronized assault on Fort Pooda in an attempt to lure the heroes away from their home. Though Syndicate are outmatched at first, they work together and synchronize their attacks and, with the help of Matt, the heroes manage to win the battle.

Death and resurrection

Net was, however, destroyed in the aforementioned battle at the hands of Web. His scraps were later left around Fort Pooda, a decision Syndicate, especially Web, would regret. Due to Net's prior association with Carrotstein, agents of Venture managed to collect his severed robotic body and repair him. Disappointed at his loss, Net decides to use a better approach to destroy Syndicate, this time solely focusing on Web. This attempt later fails as well, as other members of Syndicate manage to defend Web and defeat Net, who ultimately escapes this time.

Time with the Slaughter Squadron





Being a robot, Net has little regard for human life; he is literally heartless. He was created for one sole objective and he was determined to complete it under any circumstances, obliterating anyone who would get in his way. Net is only loyal to his creator and no one else; it is impossible to try to persuade or dissuade him.

Powers and abilities

Power Grid
Official Ratings
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills

Net possesses uberpowered versions of all the fighting game moves that Web knows, and can use them with deadly precision. However, Net lacks Web's Rainbow Blade, and instead carries the decidedly unparticular Achromatic Blade.

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