Nicktoons Racing 2 is a sequel to 2000's Nicktoons Racing.
Nicktoons Racing 2 Image

Title Screen


While all of the characters return from the previous game, new ones arrive.

  • Jimmy Neutron- A boy who has big brown hair and saves the day with his inventions. He drives a UFO.
  • Sheen- A boy who is a big fan of Ultralord. Drives a Zeenu racer.
  • Dudley Puppy- A T.U.F.F. agent who chews his butt. Drives a car that resembles his green bone.
  • Kitty Katswell- Dudley's partner, and also a Teenage cat. Drives the T.U.F.F. Moblie.
  • Skipper- The leader of the Penguins of Madagascar. Drives a Hot Rod.
  • Squidward- A squid who gets annoyed by Spongebob & Patrick. Drives a car shaped like his clarinet.
  • Chuckie- A baby who has orange hair & sometimes he worries alot. Drives a car shaped like his teddy.
  • Oblina- A monster who was a cameo in the intro of Nicktoons Racing 1. Drives a big car with tennis balls on each side.
  • Timmy- A fariygod son who has Cosmo, Wanda, & Poof at his side. Drives the Pink Car seen in the intro of The Fairly OddParents.
  • Mr. Krabs- A red crab who is a cheapstake. Drives a Ketchup-Shaped car.
  • Zim- A irken who wants to rule the earth. Drives the VOOT rider.
  • Gir- A robot who dress up like a puppy. Drives a turtle-shaped car.
  • Po- A overweight panda who teams up with the Furious 5. Drives a china speeder.
  • King Julien- A lemur who annoys the Penguins Of Madagascar. Drives a golf cart.
  • Danny Phantom- A ghost boy who is good freinds with Sam & Tucker. Drives the ghost car.
  • Jenny- A robot girl who was bulit by her mother. Drives a pink go-kart with boxing gloves.
  • Otis- A cow who lives on a farm & acts like a human. Drives a Tractor.
  • Aang- An airbender who must save the day. Drives the Tornado Racer from Sonic & SEGA: All-Stars Racing.
  • Tak- A pupununu boy who has a juju wand. Drives the JuJu Speeder.
  • Rocko- A wallaby who lives in O-Town and works at a comic book store. Drives the Trikee from Crash Tag Team Racing.
  • Heffer Wolfe: a happy-go-lucky and not-too-bright steer. Drives a chicken-shaped car.
  • Bev Bighead- A green toad with orange hair, blue pants, and a pink shirt. Drives a purple monster truck.
  • El Tigre- An amazing superhero from Miracle City! Drives the B Dasher from Mario Kart DS.
  • Ricky Sprocket- The world's most famous showbiz boy. Drives a HUGE limo.
  • Victor Volt & Anita Knight- A duo of UZZ agents going on a mission. Together, they drive the Red Fire from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.
  • Blue- A blue puppy who plays with Steve and Joe. Drives a baby stroller.
  • Dora- A cute little explorer who is best friends with Boots. Drives the Speed Star from Sonic & SEGA: All-Stars Racing.
  • Diego- A hero who goes on adventures with Alicia and Baby Jaguar. Drives the Pink Cabriolet from Sonic & SEGA: All-Stars Racing.
  • Wubbzy- A little boy who loves Kickety-Kick Ball and makes friends with Walden and Widget. Drives the Sprinter from Mario Kart Wii.
  • Kai-Lan- A Chinese-American kid who is good friends with Tolee, Rintoo, Hoho, Lulu, and Ye Ye. Drives the Birthday Girl from Mario Kart 7.
  • Gerald- An African-American kid who is best friends with Arnold. Drives the Streamliner from Mario Kart DS.
  • Krumm- A hairy monster who holds his eyeballs in his hands, thus driving his car with his feet. Drives a trash can-shaped vehicle.
  • Mikey Simon- A teenager from Cleveland, Ohio who moved to Japan and became a TV celebrity. Drives the Sports Bike from Mario Kart 8.
  • Yakkity Yak- A yak who lives in a city with his friends Keo, Lemony, and Professor Crazy Hair. Drives the Barrel Train from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.
  • Snap- A superhero made of chalk. Drives a scooter.
  • Bessie Higgenbottom- A girl who has a love for bees! Drives a beach buggy.
  • Reggie Rocket- A teenage girl with a love for extreme sports. Drives the Mach Bike from Mario Kart Wii.
  • Ginger Foutley- A girl who tries to become more than a social geek. Drives the Lightning Champ from Mario Kart Arcade GP DX.
  • Fanboy & Chum Chum- Two superhero kids. They both drive the Green Fire from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.
  • Binyah Binyah Polliwog- A giant polliwog from Gullah Gullah Island. Drives a lily pad-shaped hovercraft with a banjo hanging on the side.
  • Lincoln Loud- An 11-year-old boy who lives with 10 girls. Drives the Splat Buggy from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


  • Pablo- A Blue And Yellow Penguin With A Propeller Beanie Hat And Bowtie Who Is Best Friends With Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, And Austin. Drives A Red Dream Car From The Backyardigans: Racing Adventure.
  • Kimi- A Tomboyish Baby Girl With Purple Hair Who Has A Crush On Chuckie. Drives The Daytripper From Mario Kart Wii And Mario Kart Tour .
  • Susie- An African American Girl With Brown Hair Who Is A Great Singer And Tries To Stop Angelica Cheating On Her. Drives The Big Wheel From The Rugrats Episode "Susie vs Angelica".
  • Robbie Rotten- A Main Villan, And Now A Main Character From LazyTown Who Has A Perfect Plan To Stop Sportacus In Wich He Calls Him "Sportaflop". Drives The Rotten Moblie.
  • Sportacus- LazyTown's Main Hero Who Likes Sports Candy. Drives A Kart Resembling His Airship.
  • Dil- A Baby With Yellow PJ's Who Debuted In The Rugrats Movie. Drives A Green Baby Stroller.
  • Ren- A Chihuahua With Anger Issues And The Brain Of Duo. Drives A Blue Police Car With 'You Eediot!' On Both Sides.
  • Dib- A 13 Years Old Boy Who Sees Zim's Disguise, And Tries To Save The World From Him. Drives The Blue 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner B5 Car.
  • Gaz- Dib's Girl Who Has Closed Eyes And Purple Hair. Drives The Same Birthday Girl Kai-Lan Drives, But In Mario Kart 7's Honey Queen Purple Color.
  • Phil- A Baby With Brown Hair Who Likes To Eat Worms. Drives The Goo-Goo Buggy From Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.
  • Lil- Phil's Sister With The Same Brown Hair With A Pink Ribbon Tied Up. Drives The Biddybuggy From Mario Kart 8.
  • Pre-School Daze Angelica- A Good Version Of Angelica Pickles. Drives A Pre-School Daze Designed Cynthia Car.
  • Pre-School Daze Susie- Susie's Pre-School Daze Counterpart. Drives A Pre-School Daze Designed Big Wheel (As Her Regular Counterpart Does).
  • Chloe- Timmy's New Neighbour. Drives The Royale From Mario Kart DS.
  • Savannah- A Black Haired Girl Who Ruins Angelica's Birthday. Drives The Brute From Mario Kart DS.
  • Roary The Racing Car- The Titular Character. He Races As Himself.


  • Shimmer and Shine- Two Genie Sisters. They Both Drive The Genie Roadster
  • Tyrone- An Orange Moose With A Striped Shirt And Red Hair Who Is Pablo's Best Friend. Drives A Blue Beach Buggy From The Backyardigans: Racing Adventure.
  • Uniqua- A Pink Ladybug Who Is The Main Protagonist. Drives A Yellow Circus From The Backyardigans: Racing Adventure.
  • Tasha- A Yellow Hippo With An Orange Dress And Red Mary Janes Who Is Good Friends With Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, And Austin. Drives A Kart Resembling ROVER From The Backyardigans Episode "Mission To Mars".
  • Austin- A Purple Kangaroo With A Blue And Yellow Shirt, And Jeans Who Is Tyrone's Best Friend. Drives A Motorcycle.
  • Lightning McQueen (Cars)- A Red Rookie Racecar Who Lives In A Town Of Radiator Springs. He Just Races.
  • Mater (Cars)- A Brown Tow Truck Who Is Lightning's Best Friend. He Just Races.
  • Profesor Bug- A Character Played By Pablo. Drives A Kart Shaped Like A Robot Insect.
  • Harold- A Kid With Orange Hair Who Annoys Angelica. Drives The Flamer Runner From Mario Kart Wii.
  • Team Umizoomi- Three Math Superheroes Of Umi City. They Both Three Drive UmiCar. Also, UmiCar Is In His Season 2 Design.
  • Woody Woodpecker- A crazy woodpecker who says "Guess Who?" he laughs and he drives his racing car from the video game, Woody Woodpecker Racing.


Spongebob Cup

  • Krusty Krab Prix (Spongebob Squarepants): Mr. Krabs has been protecting the secert formula for a couple weeks, so he makes a Speedway based on his restraunt.
  • Cynthia Speedway (Rugrats): You'll race through Cynthia's Mansion, Malibu Beach, & Hollywood. Everything Cynthia owns is found here.
  • Gritty City Circuit (Hey Arnold!): Gritty City Circuit is now back and better than ever before!
  • Monster Mania (Ahh!!! Real Monsters): Think this was scary in Nicktoons Racing 1? Well now, it's Halloween this time!

T.U.F.F. Cup

  • T.U.F.F. HQ (T.U.F.F. Puppy): The HeadQuarters from T.U.F.F. Puppy is now a race track! So be on the look out for a rare T.U.F.F. Blaster powerup.
  • Highway Attack (Ren & Stimpy): Race on a big highway to win the race!
  • Retroland Raceway(Jimmy Neutron): Retroland has lots of boost areas to drive in, so be on the lookout for a grim reaper.
  • Sporcket Rig (Ricky Sprocket): Race on a highway, but watch out for those curves because you will fall.

Zim Cup

  • Zim's School (invader Zim): Race around Zim's Classroom, Study Hall, & The Lunchroom.
  • Central Park Zoo (The Penguins of Madagascar): Central Park Zoo is totally crowded with lots of people!
  • Jellyfish Fields (Spongebob Squarepants): Race around Spongebob's favorite place with Jellyfish fans!
  • Hong Kong Harbor (Ren & Stimpy): Stimpy Statues are everywhere here!

Penguins Cup

  • Inside Statue of Liberty (Penguins of Madagascar): Race your way to the top of the Statue's head and New York of course!
  • Royal Woods Rally (The Loud House): You'll see dozens of people cheering for you in this exciting race track, including Clyde McBride!
  • Macie's Pool Party (As Told By Ginger): If you love pool parties, you will love this one, and now it's a race course!
  • Flying Dutchman's Stadium (Spongebob Squarepants): Ghost Pirates will attack with weapons so you can scare them on this track.

Dora Cup

  • Dora's Exploring Speedway (Dora the Explorer): Are you ready to race and explore in this awesome race course?!
  • Diego's Rescue Raceway (Go, Diego, Go!): This race course will drive you so wild there are lots of animals!
  • Wuzzleburg 500 (Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!): Welcome to Wuzzleburg, home of the Wuzzleburg 500!
  • Kai-Lan's Space Rainbow (Ni Hao, Kai-Lan): The ladybugs are rooting for you!

Unlockable Tracks:

Backyardigans Cup:

  • Backyard (The Backyardigans): Race Around The Backyard.
  • Art Museum (The Backyardigans): Race Around The Museum.
  • Haunted House (The Backyardigans): This Track Is Similar To Luigi's Mansion From Mario Kart DS.
  • Tiki Beach (The Backyardigans) Surf's Up, Ho Daddy! Race Through The Beach.

Rugrats Cup

  • Reptar Raceway (Rugrats): This Track Is Remastered.
  • Kai-Lan's Chinese Raceway: Ni Hao! Let's Race.
  • Mute City (Mario Kart 8): DLC
  • Wild West (The Backyardigans Racing): DLC

Nicktoons Cup

  • Purewood Forest (The Backyardigans): Race Around The Forest, And Filthingham.
  • Kimi's Ice World (Rugrats): It's Snow Outside. Race Around The Ice Circuit.
  • Amity Park: (Danny Phantom) Track From Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing.
  • Buttercup Mountain (The Backyardigans): Last Track From The Nicktoons Cup.

Genies Cup:

  • Shimmer and Shine's Genie Palace Speedway (Shimmer and Shine): Race Around The Palace.
  • Radiator Springs Grand Prix (Cars): DLC
  • Chuckie Desert (Rugrats) The Track Is Similar To Yoshi Desert From Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
  • Martian City (The Backyardigans): Last Track Of The Genies Cup.

Neutron Cup:

  • Candy Bars (Jimmy Neutron): First Track
  • Umi City (Team Umizoomi): Track Similar To Toad's Turnpike From Mario Kart 64.
  • SNES Choco Island 1 (Mario Kart): DLC
  • King Austin's Castle (The Backyardigans): Last Track.

Piston Cup:

  • Dinoco 400 (Cars): The Race Track At The Beginning Of The Film Is Now From Cars: The Video Game.
  • Nickelodeon Studios Florida: Race Around The Studio, And The Nickeldeon Animation Studio.
  • Susie's Candy Land (Rugrats): Based On Candy Land, The Boardgame Of The Same Name.
  • Chum Bucket (Spongebob Squarepants): Race Around The Lunchroom.

Opposite Cup:

  • 3 snialP nutoD (Backwards Grand Prix): Reversed Version Of Donut Plains 3 From Super Mario Kart.
  • Doodlebob's House (Spongebob Squarepants): Be Careful With Those Mini Doodlebobs!
  • Nickelodeon (1981): Based On The ID Of The Same Name.
  • University (The Backyardigans): Race Inside The University, And Lab.


  • Nickelodeon Hotel: The Nickelodeon Hotel Is Now A Battle Arena!
  • Goo Lagoon (SpongeBob SquarePants): Goo Lagoon Is Now A Battle Arena!
  • Pickles' Household (Rugrats): The Rugrats House Is Now A Battle Arena!
  • Mad Scientist's Laboratory (The Backyardigans): This Is Now A Battle Arena!
  • Robot Factory (The Backyardigans): Battle Inside The Robot Factory.
  • Neutron Battle Arena (Jimmy Neutron): Now A Battle Arena.
  • Tyrone's Terrific Traveling Circus (The Backyardigans): It's Circus Time!


  • Bubble: Same As In Nicktoons Racing 1
  • Coconuts: Same As In Nicktoons Racing 1
  • Trash Can: Same As In Nicktoons Racing 1
  • Stump: Same As In Nicktoons Racing 1
  • Camara Flash: Same As In Nicktoons Racing 1
  • Jellyfish: Same As In Nicktoons Racing 1
  • Wormhole: Same As In Nicktoons Racing 1
  • Slime: Same As In Nicktoons Racing 1
  • Burpzooka: Use The Burpzooka To Blow Bubbles On The Racers That Will Be Trapped For A Second.
  • Fists of Furry: Your Car Can Have Spiky Gloves That You Can Punch The Racers As They Spin For A While.
  • I'm Going Ghost: Use The Phantom Force Field To Knock The Racers As They Spin For A While.
  • Bug-Away Spray: Spray The Racers To Block Their View.
  • Cookie Jar ( From The Rugrats Episode "No More Cookies".): Use The Cookie Jar And Throw It On The Ground So They Spin For A While.
  • Cosmo's Wand: Make A Wish For A Item To Knock The Racers Out.
  • Baby Bottle: Squirt The Milk At The Racers To Knock Them Out.
  • Lightning Bolt (Cars) (DLC): Same As The Camara Flash From Nicktoons Racing 1 But You Have To Say Kachow To Flash The Racers Blocking Their View.
  • Splat: This Ionic Nickelodeon Splat Ball Is Now An Item! It Bounces Down The Track And Splats Anyone Blocking Their View.


This Is A New Video Game That Came Out In 2019, And Updated In 2020.

This Was The First Nicktoons Racing Game To Feature Lightning McQueen And Mater From Cars As Playable Characters.

The Backyardigans Characters Have Remasterd HD Designs.

Lightning McQueen And Mater From Cars Are The Only Racers To Be Customized The Spoiler, Hood, Bumper, Tires And Paint Car Bodys.

The Song "I'm A Believer" By Smash Mouth From The Movie "Shrek" Plays During The Game's End Credits.

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