Payment Problem is the 18th episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.



  • Gorge
  • Timmy


  • Mailman
  • Robo
  • Water Paw


Gorge receives a bill and has to pay $200.


Gorge: (on the phone) Uh-huh. Okay, Sophie! Bye! (hangs up)

(the mailman arrives)

Mailman: DELIVERY!

(Gorge sees the mailman)

Gorge: Okay.

(Gorge takes the mail)

Mailman: See you tomorrow!

(the mailman continues delivering mail)

Gorge: What's this?

(opens a random-looking letter)

Gorge: A bill?

(Gorge unfolds it)

Gorge: $200 dollars? That's not a lot for me. It's a cable bill, actually.

Timmy: Wait, a CABLE bill? Do they even have those anymore?

Gorge: Yes, they do.

Timmy: Well, cable bills are currently merged with the internet bills.

(Gorge digs in his pocket for $200)

Gorge: $180... $190... Only $196?

Timmy: Yeah... I'm broke.

Gorge: How are we going to make four more dollars? The money's due in 8 days!

Timmy: We could ask Sophie.

(Timmy gets hit with a frying pan)

Gorge: Good idea... if I didn't have to pay long-distance calls!

Timmy: Okay then...

(at Robo's house)

Robo: Sorry, Gorge, but I can't pay you. I'm broke.

Timmy: How do we make some money?

Robo: Ask Sophie, I guess?

Gorge: Why does everyone keep saying that suggestion?

Robo: Then open up a lemonade stand or something.

Gorge: I'm not that experienced with making lemonade.

(Cut to Timmy operating a lemonade stand with a pitcher)

Timmy: Lemonade! Ice-cold lemonade! Only 50 cents!

Gorge: Timmy... how is this going to make four dollars?

Timmy: We sell 8 glasses.

(Cut to Timmy's lemonade stand, full of empty pitchers and lots of cash)

Gorge: That's too much.

Timmy: At least it's enough for a television.

Gorge: We already have a TV...

Timmy: Then I'll get a Coke machine!

Gorge: Fine... How much do they cost, anyhow?

(Cut to Timmy spending all the money made at the lemonade stand)

Timmy: Thank you!

(Timmy exits the store)

Gorge: We need to make some cash!

(At Gorge's house)

Timmy: I just need to plug it up!

(Timmy plugs it up)

Gorge: Wait! (gets out cans of Coke, Pibb & Sprite)

Gorge: I've been waiting to sell these since I got them a month ago.

(Cut to Gorge filling up the Coke machine)

Gorge: Let's see how many people would like a Coke, Pibb or Sprite!

(cut to hundreds of people buying Coke, Pibb & Sprite)

Gorge: Wow.

(Two minutes later)

Gorge: Well, they're gone and... that's STILL too much money!

Timmy: How much did a soda cost?

Gorge: 50 cents a can.

Timmy: And how many people were here?

Gorge: Hundreds.

Timmy: That's enough to pay the cable bill... for the next 7 months.

Gorge: Okay.

(Cut to Timmy putting the cash in a safe)

Gorge: What do I do now?

Timmy: You can call...

Gorge: If only if I had enough cash...

(Water Paw appears)

Water Paw: Gorge... I just heard you were short on cash for a cable bill... and here's an extra $4!

Gorge: Thanks.

(Timmy opens his safe and hands Gorge $4)

Gorge: And I'll pay you back with this!

(Gorge hands Water Paw $4)

Water Paw: Thanks!

(Water Paw leaves)

Gorge: Bye-bye!

Timmy: Now that we have enough cash...

Gorge: I can pay my cable bill!

(Gorge heads to the local Charter building and pays his cable bill)

(Cut to Gorge watching TV)

Gorge: I paid it... for the next month!

Timmy: At least we have enough cash to pay it for many months.

Gorge: If I don't call Sophie...



  • First time Sophie the Otter is mentioned in the series.
  • Gorge's random letter was a cable bill.
  • This references the Dexter's Laboratory episode "Dexter's Debt" since Gorge is surprised about the bill and it's amount (Gorge is surprised for a different reason).
  • Gorge gets out cans of Coke, Pibb & Sprite. There are eight crates of soda since hundreds of people bought soda from Gorge.
  • A videogame of the same name is currently in development.
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