"You pushed me over the limit...and now...I'm going to FRIZZ all over you!"
— Risky (Wait Kid)

Risky Dingo
Species Anthropomorphic soft drink
Nationality Jamaican American
Birth date March 12, 1979
Birth place Kingston, Jamaica
Age 20 (season 1-3)
21 (season 4-present)
Gender Male
Height 6′ 3″
Weight 190 lbs
Eye color       Black
      Blue (some episodes)
Relatives Plate Girl (fiancé)
Frank Dingo (brother)
Unnamed father (father)
Momma (mother)
Riggity Dingo (cousin)
Enemies Mean Bean
Archenemy Mean Bean
Abilities Electricity manipulation
Signature appearance Risky Frizz
Ricky "Risky" Dingo is one of the major superheroes in Colorado City, Florida, and the main protagonist in Risky Frizz. He is a 21 year-old sentient soft drink bottle who maintains the ability to manipulate electricity. Risky, as the primary character within the show, is way too narcissistic and cowardly despite being city hero. His thoughts and motives tend to fail, but he has been seen taking down powerful villains whom are more experienced than he is. He is voiced by BaconMahBoi in English, and was created by series creator, Ralf Hat.


Birth and family

According to himself in the episode Family Meaners, Risky was born in Kingston, Jamaica with his brother Frank Dingo in 1979, with his family later moving to Colorado City a year later.

Risky's father is never seen in the series, unless in certain flashbacks (though only to have his shadow viewed). His mother "Momma" has been seen in multiple episodes as either a minor character or in a reference.



With a mind too immature for his age, Risky is a stubborn guy with a lack of manners and reason. Though he is a friendly and magnanimous character, Risky is very lazy outside his superheroes duties, and commonly starts his own problems with his fellow companions. Risky also shows a greed lusting heart, often swindling others or lacking the ability to share.



Risky is a blue cylinder shaped soft drink bottle, and possesses two bulged eyes which take up most of his face. He wears a torquiest colored bottle cap on his head, and his only limbs are his handless arms.


Electricity manipulation


Ultimate Dingo


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