Shapes Are Cool is a Cartoon Network original series created by EliNinja that ran from 2012-2013 for 13 episodes. The show is centered around 3 teenagers who can turn into whatever they want, whenever they want to. The show is also rated TV-PG in the United States (and sometimes TV-PG-V).


  • Frisbee (BaconMahBoi) is a blue combo of akward, rude and slick. His favorite food is....well....human flesh and he is always either down under, or at the top of the universe....but still mostly down under.
  • Ballin (Hat Guy) has been Frisbee's best friend since he and Frisbee were in the 2nd grade. He may seem kind of cool, but really, he's just as much of a loser as Frisbee is sometimes, and that's why they're friends.
  • Arnie (EliNinja) is probably the coolest friend Frisbee and Ballin ever had. He has a fresh collection of shades, is super cool with the ladies, and can win pretty much every arm wrestle in the universe.


  1. The Party (10/01/2012) - Frisbee and Ballin transform into some cool soviet guys so that they can sneak into a cool party for cool peeps.
  2. Crystal Claire (10/08/2012) - Ballin falls in love with a sexy exchange student and turns into his "Ramses Yus" alter ego to get her to notice him.
  3. Arm Wrestling Federation Under Law (10/15/2012) - Arnie gets an email from an AWFUL professional who's seen his talent via the interwebs.
  4. Vodka (10/22/2012) - Arnie introduces Frisbee and Ballin to the beverage most people know and love as vodka, and it's actually not that bad........yet.
  5. Mean Girl (11/12/2012) - A girl from Frisbee's class challenges him to a punching contest, and Frisbee may.......well....die.
  6. Bedpires (11/26/2012) - Ballin calls an expert exterminator to get rid of bugs that sucked so much blood out of Ballin last night.
  7. Arcade (12/03/2012) - Frisbee, Ballin and Arnie head to the arcade to beat some ancient high scores, only to find out the interdimensional consequences.
  8. Snowball Massacre (12/17/2012) - Frisbee and Ballin start the biggest worldwide snowball fight since 1956's Washington Snowball War.
  9. A Shapes Are Cool Christmas (12/24/2012) - Frisbee's dog goes missing on christmas, so it's up to him, Ballin and Arnie to find him.
  10. Lady of Steel (1/07/2013) - Ballin meets one of the strongest woman in the world, and unknowingly goes on a dangerous mission with her.
  11. Fart Massacre (1/14/2013) - One of Arnie's squad friends pulls the biggest fart prank on the school. The prank was so bad, school was cancelled for 5 weeks straight.
  12. Bear-Wolf (1/28/2013) - Frisbee, Ballin and Arnie find the best animal combo they have seen since giraffe-monkeys, but later, it gets......rabid.
  13. Prom Night (series finale; 2/11/2013) - It's the Valentine's Day prom, and Frisbee and Ballin go on the most epic date quest EVAR!
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