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SpongeBob SquarePants (Anime TV Series)
SBSP Anime title
Created by Japanese Paul Tibbit (Status: Fired)

Japanese Stephen Hillenburg

Original run May 24, 2019 - TBA
Genre Shonen, action, adventure, parody
# of seasons 3
# of episodes 150 + Film
Spin-off status Active
Writer(s) The MEMZ Crew


Production company The Memz Crew
Preceded by SpongeBob SquarePants
Followed by None

The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime, simply referred to as SpongeBob SquarePants (Japanese: スポンジ・ボブ Hepburn: Suponji Bobu, pronounced Spongey Bobbu) is an ongoing Japanese anime television series produced by Narmak Animation and EVIL Productions that began airing on May 24, 2019. Its overall plot outline is loosely based around the manga and anime created by Narmak and is considered to be a what if scenario of what would happen if SpongeBob was a Japanese anime. The story is currently being rewritten again. One of the many changes is this show's setting which was made to be more like modern day Japan. It is broadcast at 9:00 p.m. on TV Tokyo.

The anime centers around protagonist SpongeBob SquarePants as he tries to save his best friend Squidward Tentacles from the clutches of Sheldon Plankton and his army of robots or other minions earlier and later on in the anime, but everything goes haywire and soon SpongeBob must choose to save Squidward along with his other friends. At some point SpongeBob's best friend Patrick dies in combat, but later comes back alive in a later arc. This show considered to be a lot more bloody and violent than most SpongeBob spin-offs, but still family friendly for the most part. Some fans accepted some episodes having a TV-14 rating. Each season contains 50 episodes.

Opening/Ending Themes (Narmak and Friends)

OP 1 - SpongeBob Op 1

OP 2 - Paper Moon - Soul Eater OP2, Spongebob Anime OP2 (ROMIX Cover)

OP 3 - Kaitei no Orchestra (Precious Time) ROMIX Original

Ending 3 Season 1 - Ending 3 (Original Animation)

Ending 2 Season 1 - Ending 2 (Original Animation)

Ending 4 Season 1 - ENDING 4 (Original Animation)

Ending 3 Season 2 - Ending 3 (Original Animation)

Ending 3 Season 3 - ENDING 3 (Original Animation)

Manga Version - CrazyguyDraws Manga Version - Narmak


Season 1 - Serial Experiments Squid

Help Wanted - Debut at the Krusty Krab : Written by ZedKong


Local sushi chef, SpongeBob SquarePants, decides to work for one of the most Americanized burger restaurants in all of Bikini Bottom, the Krusty Krab, a small business owned by Mr. Krabs, a krab who while cheap treats his employees well enough to keep them employed. Fat greasy local otaku, Bubble Bass, decides to go to the Krusty Krab for the first time to be SpongeBob's first customer. SpongeBob screws up the order until another person with a different opinion ends up liking his burgers. Squidward begins to feel jealously towards SpongeBob building up anger that will lead to him becoming SpongeBob's main rival (TV-14-DLSV)

Overarching Storyline

There are different branching series storylines going on at once inside this anime believe it or not. There are four narrative levels in each storylines that can be seen only with those with an IQ of 150+ SNOO PINGAS.

FOUR NARRATIVE LEVELS A: The Cosmic Level (Gods) B: The Political Level (Governments) C: The Individual Level (Folks) D: The Spiritual Level (Ghosts)


Friendship Arc

A long arc that starts with a two episode slow paced mini arc named Help Wanted that sets up our characters and world. This arc opens up with a foreshadowing for Patrick and Squidward's betrayal as well as the rise of the worm who will attack in the third season of the anime. After this introduction, this arc establishes who are main characters are showing very basic themes involving Squidward and SpongeBob's initial dislike towards each other as well as Squidward descent towards madness that will eventually bring him towards the Chum Bucket to be used by Plankton. The entire later parts of the arc introduce each character that will lead up to this story's first real arc, the Fry Cook Games. (TV-14-DLV)


  • ZedKong - Creator, Writer, Director, Artist, Title Card Creator

Idea Corner

Post your episode and story arc ideas here, and I may accept them and have them put on the show! If your episode is rejected, don't take it to heart, as Infection has high standards for its content.


Critical Reception

This is just sloppy writing!!!!! It was already proven that Gary's body is unique and the snail virus built up a immunity to Squirdward's attack. If anything Patrick is the one who should have died. Not only is he closer to spongebob, but the best friends 4 ever and Valentine's arc cement him as one of the best support characters in years. Quitting this anime. It was good in the beginning, but the author is such a sell out. Ever since the pioneers arc the series has been on a decline. I mean the hash slinging slasher mystery murder episode was good, but it only did so much. - SIRTreehugger

They probably should have stopped after the Squid Society Arc, Patrick was best girl and my favorite easily. But of course the anime always have to shit all over childhood friends and make the generic "first girl you see" win because they don't know how to write compelling romances. And then you have the terrible fucking power asspulls, Spongebob only had basic karate training and it was shown Sandy Uchiha was clearly stronger; how the FUCK did Spongebob beat metal Mr. Krabs, who beat Sandy, by pulling out a stupid Magic Circle that protects him from anything that was NEVER previously revealed? Such a shitty asspull and recently the anime as been filled with them. I might as well finish it though, I've been following it since the Chum Exams, which is easily one of the best shounen arcs of all time. Plus I'm too attached to these characters to stop now, might as well see who ends up as a couple. - Jazzidoo

it's slightly triggering when there are these memes that are copying manga style but then they fail the most basic thing. - Mommid

God, the writing in this has become Jimmy Neutron level bad. How dare they not explain how Spongebob's new power works in the very same chapter it's introduced in? That can only mean they never will explain how it works, and this series is doomed to end the same way Jimmy Neutron did. You all remember, Jimmy gets a new power up, defeats evil jimmy, timeskip where he gets together with Cindy, all rushed to shit. I can only expect the same to happen with Spongebob. This series has hit rock bottom. - DrewBreakman

The "Gary Come Home" arc in Season 3, is easily one of the best written arcs in all of shounen. - S-ClassRen

Inspired by Narmak's Anime of the same name. Post what you think of this series here, and don't forget to write your name next to your opinion!


  • This show has an average 9.1 rating on and a 8.7 rating on IMDB.
  • The previous version of the story had an ambitious plan to unite the story Narmak had wrote with the scrapped movie plot of the third SpongeBob film where in the old draft the evil alien cat people along with other powerful groups are seen as the true creators of Plan Z in an attempt to bring regime change to Bikini Bottom. This storyline was scrapped and rewritten to be less melodramatic, less overly complicated, less political, and less of a general mess. Only small elements of will be retained if given a rewrite.
  • The previous versions of episodes 2-4 were deemed uncanon due to production companies being switched.

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