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SpongeBob SquarePants ZII Reign of EVIL
Created by Japanese Paul Tibbit

Japanese Stephen Hillenburg

Original run May 24, 2019 - TBA
Genre Shonen, action, adventure, parody
# of seasons 2
# of episodes 100
Spin-off status Active
Writer(s) EVIL Productions


Production company EVIL Productions
Preceded by SpongeBob SquarePants ZII Seeds of EVIL
Followed by SpongeBob SquarePants ZII Triumph of EVIL

"We've had to endure much, you and I, but soon there will be order again: A new age! Aquinas spoke of the mythical city on the hill; soon that city will be a reality and we will be crowned its kings. Or better than kings... Gods!" - Lord Royal Highness talking to Barnacle Man's corpse at the end of Seeds of E.V.I.L. claiming to unleash his New World Order.

SpongeBob SquarePants ZII Reign of EVIL, also known as SpongeBob SquarePants Plan Z Episode 2 Part 2, (Japanese: スポンジ・ボブ Hepburn: Suponji Bobu ZII, pronounced Spongey Bobbu Z2) is an ongoing Japanese anime television series produced by Narmak Animation that began airing on July 15, 20XX. Its overall plot outline is a non canon sequel to the final season of Narmak's hit anime in the form of bad fanfiction. It is broadcast at 11:00 p.m. on TV Tokyo. Despite the title, E.V.I.L. does not actually show up in this whole story, but E.V.I.L.'s legacy instead.

The anime centers around protagonist SpongeBob SquarePants and SpongeTron who is redesigned to be more like the Terminator or JC Denton as the two attempt to stop the a series of villains known as the corrupted IJLSA, a zombified corrupt version of the orginal IJLSA that was crafted from S-O-U-R-M-O-U-T-H cells, after the world was thought to have been saved from Barnacle Man's gang, E.V.I.L. In order to fight this new threat, SpongeBob teams up with SpongeTron, an agent from the future that claims to be a robot built by King Triton who took over the ocean in the future after SpongeBob's brain was shipped into a robot that was made from Plankton's blueprints but he was rewired by Future Sandy to serve good. Bikini Bottom during this time as already entered its transition to the dark future where everything is chrome and lifeless by having the city be in the process of being rebuilt into a gaint cyberpunk city known as Neo-Atlantis. SpongeBob's efforts in fighting against evil-doers have unintentionally have landed Bikini Bottom under the hands of a group of villains known as the AOG a loosely connected illuminati style organization that is led by Lord Purr Maximus, the leader of an army of cats who are obessed with conquest. He is currently at his 9th life after his attempts to take over the ocean have failed 8 times. In the past LPM had enslaved various worlds to expand his empire, one of the many homeworlds was that of the BochZai race also known as the Atlanteans. LPM had created many bases connected on Earth where animals like monkeys and squirrels to conduct research for his bases to devise a full proof scheme for invading the ocean.

The true player of his underwater forces lies with an Atlantean scientist with an absurd fetish for bubbles known as LRH who is seeking to speed up the rise of the machines using the knowledge he gained from studying Plankton, however this alliance is very loose. The BochZai had a history with the alien cat race, at one point this race was in slavery and then indepedent until LRH had sold their entire country back into C.O.S.M.I.C. E.V.I.L. led by LPM for the purpose of making himself a God. LRH's mind has snapped from the last time SpongeBob had visited Atlantis basically turning him into a completely different character. LRH's goals for his dystopia is to stop all abnormal human-like behavior seen in fish even going as far to genocide an entire species of Plankton. People are policed but for the purpose of preventing another person like Plankton or Manray from rising up which also means stealing power from the former tyrannical rule of Neptune's family, unfortunately for this society LRH does not follow his own rules that he himself set up turning him into a leader who is no better than King Neptune who was overthrown for a pseudo representative AOG run democracy that functions as an oligarchy. SpongeBob must seek the Atlantean Amulet if he is going to stop the AOG from doing the same crimes that Plankton was attempting to commit.

Patrick gets into an inner conflict with himself that causes him to go berserk. Patrick begins to question who his parents only to be filled the lie that his mother is a lemon headed deity known as S-O-U-R-M-O-U-T-H, a Jenova like entity who is the one behind all of the previous events. Her soul is currently combined with Planktonamor who had been seeking vessels to start his grand scheme to take over the throne of Heaven belonging to the diseased God Zeus who crafted King Neptune's trident whose throne is also being sought after by Triton and LRH. Triton also seeks to go on a quest to obtain 5 magics to overthrow the current evil ruler, but at the cost of becoming more like his father and his father's rival empire that he despises. The AOG often taunts him on his adventure claiming that he will become a worse version of his father if he succeeds and basically become King Triton. Planktonamor had previously transformed Patrick's previous body in the dark ages to create the Hash Slinging Slasher who is one of the many puppets of Planktonamor that are needed to obtain the throne of Zeus who is rumored to have died in a war and given his position of ruler to Bubbles the Talking Dolphin. Zeus isn't completely dead however, he has transferred his soul to a random fish soul to become Zeus the Guitar Lord in order to stay away from ruling the cosmos. Patrick finds out that the worm and K-A-R-E-N were crafted from S-O-U-R-M-O-U-T-H cells which also have the power to corrupt stands to create new stands. SpongeBob must stop Planktonamor from unleashing his centuries long scheme. If Patrick's alter ego succeeds, Patrick will then implement his Rule of Dumb. This is the second part of the ZII anime. This series seasons are divided into three parts, ZII: Seeds of E.V.I.L., ZII: Reign of E.V.I.L., and ZII: Triumph of Evil.

Opening/Ending Themes

Ending 2 - Five Magics


Main Characters

  • SpongeBob
  • SpongeTron
  • Triton
  • Mermaid Man
  • Patrick / Hash Slinging Slasher
  • Squidward
  • Sandy

AOG Regime / C.O.S.M.I.C. E.V.I.L.

  • Lord Purr Maximus
  • Lord Royal Highness
  • Bubble Buddy
  • Bubble-Chan

Corrupted I.J.L.S.A Members

  • The Crimson Chin - Faces off against Mermaid Man.
  • The Elastic Waistband - Faces off against Patrick.
  • Captain Magma - Faces off against Squidward.
  • Miss Appear - Faces off against Sandy.
  • The Quickster - Faces off against SpongeBob.
  • The Iron Claw - Faces off against Mr. Krabs.
  • Golden Knight - Faces off against Triton
  • Ms. Magic - A powerful Magical girl. Faces off against Mindy.
  • Broken Arm - Faces off against Fred.

Stand Powers

All stand powers are named after episodes of the original show or songs by Ween except for those introduced the Z arc which are named after songs by Twisted Sister. In the end of the anime, all of the main character's stand powers are erased by 「THE ALGAE'S ALWAYS GREENER」 in order to bring a new set of stand powers for the next series while still retaining the same characters.

  • 「OCEANMAN」 - Used by Stephen Hillenburg
  • 「PRECIOUS TIME」 - Used by SpongeBob
  • 「ZIGGY STARDUST」 - Used by Patrick
  • 「SUCTION CUP SYMPHONY」 - Used by Squidward
  • 「???」 - Used by Sandy
  • 「???」 - Used by Mr. Krabs
  • 「???」 - Used by Plankton
  • 「RAINING BLOOD」 - Used by the Hash Slinging Slasher
  • 「???」 - Used by Triton
  • 「???」 - Used by Mindy
  • 「FIVE MAGICS」- Used by Ms. Magic
  • 「LIFE ON MARS」 - Used by Lord Royal Highness



  • First Series of Arcs: The Crimson Chin (Clone)
  • Second Series of Arcs: Lord Purr Maximus and Lord Royal Highness
  • Third Series of Arcs: The Hash Slinging Slasher, King Triton (Future), and S-O-U-R-M-O-U-T-H / P-L-A-N-K-T-O-N-A-M-O-R-S-O-U-R-M-O-U-T-H


  • First Series of Arcs: The Old IJLSA members,
  • Second Series of Arcs: Various unnamed Cat aliens, Bubble-Chan, and Bubble Bubby
  • Third Series of Arcs: Plankton and W.E.A.P.O.N.


Arc 5.1 - Legacy of EVIL

Arc 5.2 - Paws of EVIL

Arc 5.3 FINAL - Reign of EVIL




Fungus Among Us - Rust In Peace: Written by ZedKong


At some point the AOG has attempted to create a fungus deadly enough to spread. A virus known as Polaris. (TV-14-DLV)





  • ZedKong - Creator, Writer, Director, Artist, Title Card Creator

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  • This show has an average 9.1 rating on and a 8.7 rating on IMDB.

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