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Surge anime 2017-2018
Launched December 1st, 2014
Owned by Corus Entertainment (60%)
RaGE Media Group (40%)
Picture format 480i (2014-present)
1080i (2014-present)
Slogan Canada's first 24/7 Anime Network! (2014-present)
Country Canada
Language English
Broadcast area Canada
Headquarters Montreal
Bell TV (Canada) Channel 347.1 (SD Feed)
Channel 347.2 (HD Feed)
Avalible on most cable providers Check your local listings


SurgeAnime is a Canadian TV channel, devoted to just Japanese anime dubbed in English. This is a spinoff of the original AnimeNation channel. It is also a part of the AnimeNation International Group.


The channel has been officially announced to launch on December 1, 2014. The logo for the network was created by EliNinja, and on January 1, 2015, the logo changed to the international logo.


The schedule can be viewed here.

Saturday Action System

Saturday Action System is a block that is produced in house with help from licensors around North America. It first premiered on December 3rd from 11:30pm until 6am.

First lineup

This lineup started on December 3rd and is currently in use.

  • 11:30p - Sailor Moon Crystal (new)
  • 12a - Terror in Resonance (new)
  • 12:30a - Dragon Ball Z Kai (new)
  • 1a - Blood-C (new)
  • 1:30a - Glass Fleet (new)
  • 2a - Innocent Venus (new)
  • 2:30a - Gundam Wing (repeat)
  • 3a - Dragon Ball Z (repeat)
  • 3:30a - Death Note (repeat)
  • 4a - Hellsing (repeat)
  • 4:30a - Hellsing (repeat)
  • 5a - Yu-Yu Hakusho (repeat)
  • 5:30a - IGPX (repeat)



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