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2014 reviews

IAmBagel's Review: SImply the Greatest Show on Nickelodeon Fanon

Everything about Syndicate works. It simply just works. The characters are interesting and likeable in their own ways, episode plots are exciting and well thought out, quotes are usually all around interesting and sometimes humorous, villains are interesting and threatening, basically everything in this show works, and it is brilliantly done. It's simply just a fantastic show. Better than anything I could have ever created. Well done, Kayem.


Wario's Psuedo Review

It's hard to review something I work on, but I have to say it's the funnest project i've ever worked on. Peachy and St. Jimmy created a pretty crazy show with it's own mythology, something many shows on here have failed at. I enjoy reading the episodes and love the quotes, they always make me laugh. In all honesty, it could work out as a show in irl, if some names and appearances were switched around. Good job Peachy, my old friend.

Destroyer's Review

It is a great show, nothing really wrone with it, but I got one problem

1. I'm not in it

I don't give 10's so


2015 reviews

BCtheBoss's Review

K.M. I must say, Syndicate looks AWESOME!!![1] Seriously, flat out beautiful. The plot is amazing, the characters are outstanding, and the soundtrack is just too perfect. Even though some of the characters like Saint seemed a little bit underdeveloped, the whole series is without a doubt one of my favorites. Can't wait for future installments.


Chrome's Review

Syndicate is pretty much the best thing to ever stumble onto this site. The characters are developed and interesting, the backstory is cool, the only thing I don't like about it is absolutely nothing, there's absolutely nothin' wrong with this show.


Hat's Review

Its a cool show

the characters are cool

the plot and setting are cool

its cool

need I say more


Gorge's Review

10/10. Great show.

2016 reviews

Bacon's Review

great show. plots are good, so are the characters, and so are the quotes


Stuff's Review

One of the best shows on the wiki. The characters are well developed, I like the plots (they are well-written), etc. 10/10

sad bagel man

still the best thing on this wiki. my opinion hasn't really changed


2017 reviews

Sunlight's Review

it's good. definitely one of the better shows i've seen on this wiki



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