Syndicate is a major plot point and organization in the Sword of Dreams franchise. They are not evil, but rather extremists and care about light. Led by General John, they cause events throughout the series through many ways. Each member is different and has their own opinions on the team. They will play a major part in Sword of Dreams: Tale of Memories. They are based on Syndicate of the Prime Universe.


  • General John: A man who is left in charge by King Steli. He is serious, smart, and wants peace.
  • Bagel: Chief of the Knights, Bagel is fun loving and random, but holds a serious side when it comes to Syndicate matters. He feels guilty about hiding it from Wario and Rob.
  • Chrome: A peaceful robot who idolizes Syndicate and finds it the last resort for the  shadowy universe.
  • Suzon: John's secret apprentice. He is a quick moving and strong member.
  • Romen: A temporary member of Syndicate while his friend is gone. John despises Romen and reluctantly gave Romen the honors.
  • Jelly: Bagel's fellow knight and close friend. He questions the motives of Syndicate and is not sure of his participation. He will still go along with them, and does not outright disagree with them. Also, he is very random and quick-thinking.
  • ACL: A gamer who runs Syndicate's technology arm.
  • Romen's Certain Friend: A powerful but random member of Syndicate who was kidnapped by the RNW and trapped in the RPG during the events of the game but is frequently mentioned.


A book about the Syndicate's adventures. It also follows Jake the Ninja.

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