Syndicate is an internationally popular young children and teen media franchise, though it is also popular among young adults. The original series was created by KM and Bagel and is owned by multiple associations and studios, including KM Publishing, Fanon Fun! Entertainment, and F3 Entertainment.



  • KM has written most episodes and has most control over the franchise, having created the original series, comic, video games, and directed and produced all films. He is the series creator.
  • Bagel is another writer, as well as the co-creator.
  • Wario is a writer.


  • Zophi is the regular cartoonist and illustrator for the original series.
  • Derpy is a writer.
  • Chaossy is a writer for The Syndicate Anime.
  • Invader Rob II is a writer for Blue Syndicate, as well as a writer on several other Syndicate media.


  • Web was a former writer.
  • JJam was the former executive producer for the original series.


Animated series

Title Premiere Finale
April 18, 2013
"No Happy Endings"
Syndicate is an Emmy Award winning American animated television series that started the franchise. The show focuses on Syndicate, a group of heroes trying to make the world a better place.
December 1, 2013
"There's No Place Like Home"
Blue Syndicate is the first spin-off of Syndicate. The show focuses on the Blue Syndicate, the first official branch of Syndicate that was formed after the events of the season two premiere.
The Narratives of Nozus
The Narratives of Nozus is the second spin-off and miniseries of Syndicate. The show is a prequel that exclusively focuses on Nozus who, before the events of Syndicate, was a devious and shady businessman.
Syndicate Upcoming
Syndicate Upcoming is a TV miniseries released exclusively on Netflix. The series focuses on the events leading up to the formation of Syndicate.
November 1, 2014
"No Sad Beginnings"
The Syndicate Anime is a Japanese anime spin-off of Syndicate. The series focuses on Syndicate's Japanese branch.


Syndicate: High Society

Syndicate: Art of War

Video games




Syndicate: Inside the Database


Random-ness Wiki

Syndicate x Bunker: Fateful Encounter is a crossover comic between Syndicate and RNW's The Bunker 2.0. As of 2014, the project has been discontinued and is presumably cancelled due to its creator, KOS12, being blocked indefinitely. The comic would have involved the main cast of The Bunker 2.0 being transplaced into Elysium via wormhole, inevitably crossing paths with Syndicate. There's no chance for a revival as The Bunker 2.0 is no longer being worked on.

Superhero Fan Wiki

Freedom Fighters was a planned crossover between Syndicate and a team from the Superhero Fan Wiki. After KM went on a hiatus for some time in 2015, communication ceased and hasn't been resumed since then, cancelling the project. There's no chance for a revival as the Superhero Fan Wiki is now inactive.



  • The franchise and series all started because of the ACS that existed on the wiki at that time.
  • Bagel originally created the Syndicate page as The ACS, but it was KM who took over and expanded it.
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