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Syndicate Upcoming 
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Superhero 
Creator: Sr.Wario 
Writer: Sr.Wario
Knowledgeable Marksman
Director: Sr.Wario 
Developer: Fanon Fun! Entertainment 
Theme composer: Fanta 10 
Opening theme: Gone Home 
End theme: Gone Home (instrumental) 
Number of seasons:
Runtime: 30 minutes 
Original Channel: Netflix Original Series 
Followed by: Syndicate 
Related: Syndicate franchise

Syndicate Upcoming is a TV miniseries released on Netflix. The series is a prequel and focuses on the events leading up to the formation of Syndicate. The series was created by Fanon Fun! Entertainment and written by the primary writers of Syndicate. The series' name is a play on words of the comic series detailing the Syndicate's future, Syndicate Forthcoming.


The years have been idyllic in the Nickelodeon Fanonverse. It's been years since LT Fan's demise, and since then, crime has remarkably decreased. The heroes of the Fanonverse have gone their own ways, dealing with personal problems and a rising threat, not knowing that this was the beginning of a whole new era.


Only KM, Bagel, and Wario can add episodes.

  • Apollo 123: The crew of the upcoming launch to the moon of Titan deal with personal problems as the world follows their endeavors, as something awful brews. Written by Knowledgeable Marksman. Part 1 of Venture Rising.
  • Venture: An elite government team begin searching for an awful team. Written by Knowledgeable Marksman. Part 2 of Venture Rising.
  • Trolololo: The Troll King plans to assasinate SSK, leaving Bagel and SSK to team up to stop the nefarious villain. Written by Knowledgeable Marksman and IAmBagel.
  • Fall: When Charlie O' Avraf, police officer, loses his fiance to cancer, he begins a crusade against crime in a sadistic matter, while falling to the underworld himself. Written by Sr.Wario
  • Eight Years: TBC.



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