Syndicate XZ 
Genre: Science fiction
Creator: Chaossy (Anime adaption)
Bagel (Original creators) 
Writer: Chaossy
All of the original writers if they want 
Starring: Mage
Theme composer: TSA☆BAND 
Opening theme: Heroes 
End theme: Battles 
Number of seasons:
Number of episodes:
List of episodes: Episode list 
Executive producer: KM 
Producer: Chaossy 
Asst. producer: KM
Production Company: Madhouse
Production I.G
Wit Studio (Animation)
RaGE Media Group (International distribution)
FUNimation (English dub) 
Runtime: 22 minutes excluding commercials
46 minutes (series premiere) 
Original Channel: AnimeNation (International broadcast) 
Picture format: 1080i
First aired: November 1st, 2014 (US, UK & Canada)
November 2nd (Japan) 
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Syndicate XZ is a Japanese anime spin-off of the American Emmy Award winning animated television series, Syndicate. It will be published by Toho, KM Publishing, Inc., and RaGE Media Group The animating studios are Madhouse, Production I.G, Gonzo, and Wit Studio. The opening theme is Heroes by TSA☆BAND, and the closing theme is Battles by TSA☆BAND as well.


After the second season ends, terror strikes in Japan as the JAHC (pronounced "Jack", Japanese Anti-Hero Club) invades Tokyo. Mage, Wario, and Bagel flies to Japan in order to fight them. They team up with Web, whose house was blown up by JAHC.

Season one

Syndicate lands in Tokyo as Web's house was blown up. Syndicate quickly relocates to an underground room, which is now going to be Syndicate Japan's headquarters. Syndicate enlists the help of locals, Rei, a marksman, Fiah, a fire-breathing man, and Web, who was vacationing in Japan. They plan to get rid of most of the JAHC before the original Syndicate heads back home (in time for the third season).


Main season one

  • Mage - Sonny Strait (English dub)
  • Wario - Sean Schemmel (English dub)
  • Bagel - Christopher Sabat (English dub)
  • Web - Ian Sinclair (English dub)

Secondary season one

  • Rei - Alexis Tipton (English dub)
  • Fiah - Johnny Yong Bosch (English dub)
  • Josh - Todd Haberkorn (English dub)



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