The Backyardigans Racing Is Racing Game Made In 2010 For The Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, And PS3. It Its Published By Nintendo And Is Very Similar To The Mario Kart Series. The Gameplay Is Like Cars: The Video Game But All Tracks And Arenas Have 12 Racers.


This Shows The Characters From The Start Of The Game.







Angelica (Rugrats)

Arnold (Hey Arnold)

Ren (The Ren & Stimpy Show)

Stimpy (The Ren & Stimpy Show)

SpongeBob (SpongeBob SquarePants)

Danny Phantom (Danny Phantom)

Jimmy Neutron (The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius)

Timmy Turner (The Fairly Oddparents)


Dora (Dora The Explorer)

Diego (Go Diego Go)

Wubbzy (Wow Wow Wubbzy)

Kai-Lan (Ni Hao, Kai-Lan)

Tommy (Rugrats)

Zim (Invader Zim)


Dream Car

Beach Buggy

Circus Car

Cynthia Dream Car (From SpongeBob SquarePants & Nicktoons All-stars Racing)

B Dasher (From Mario Kart DS)

Speed Demon (From Nickelodeon Racers Revolution 3D)

Ghost Car (From Nickelodeon Winners Cup Racing)

UFO (From Nicktoons Racing 2)

Pink Car (From The Intro Of The Fairly Oddparents)

Cardboard Soapbox Kart (From Nicktoons Racing)

Blue Police Car (From Nicktoons Racing 2)

Litterbox (From Nicktoons Racing)

DLC Vehicles

Patty Waggon (From The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie)

Lightning McQueen Power Wheels

Mike's New Car (From Pixar Superstar Race-o-Rama)

Fire Truck (From Caveman's Best Friend)


Tracks Are Based On Episodes. The Song That Plays On The Course Is An Instrumental Version Of It Based On Episodes From 2004 To 2010.

Pablo Cup:

The Backyard (From Pirate Treasure): The Backyardigans Theme Song

Art Museum (From Who Goes There?): The Art Is On The Loose

Haunted House (From It's Great To Be A Ghost!): It's Great To Be A Ghost

Ping Pong Mesa (From Blazing Paddles): I Must Be Ready

Tyrone Cup:

Tiki Beach (From Surf's Up): Surf's Up (Reprise Version)

Purewood Forest (From Robin Hood the Clean): The Festival of Soap

North Pole (From A Giant Problem): To Fill the Sack For Santa (From Action Elves Save Christmas Eve)

Big Ben (From International Super Spy Part 1 And 2): International Super Spy

Uniqua Cup:

Mega City (From Robot Rampage Part 1 And 2): Give Me the Remote

King Austin's Castle (From Knights Are Brave and Strong): The Ballad of the Brave Pink Knight

Volcano (From The Legend of the Volcano Sisters): Huka Pele

Mars (From Mission To Mars): Ready for Anything

Tasha Cup:

Tyrone's Terrific Traveling Circus (From Best Clowns in Town): At the Circus

Great Pyramid of the Earth (From Chichen-Itza Pizza): Yum!

Bakery (From Samurai Pie): Samurai Pie (Reprise Version)

Werewolf's Forest (From Scared of You): Hurry Home

Austin Cup:

Land of Cold (From Race to the Tower of Power): Key to the World

Lady Tasha's House (From What's Bugging You?): The Worman Party

Mermaid's Garden (From Into the Deep): Our Garden

Splashini Waterpark (From The Amazing Splashinis): You'd Make A Great Splashini

DLC Tracks:

SpongeBob Cup:

Bikini Bottom Blowout (From Nicktoons Racing): Just The SpongeBob Music

Monster Mania (From Nicktoons Racing): Just The Aaah! Real Monsters Music

Reptar Raceway (From NIcktoons Racing): Just The Rugrats Music

Gritty City Circuit (From Nicktoons Racing): Just The Hey Arnold Music

Angelica Cup:

Cynthia Speedway (From Nicktoons Racing 2): Same As Reptar Raceway

Race Madness (From Nicktoons Racing): Just The Ren & Stimpy Music

Safari Speedway (From Nicktoons Racing): Just The Wild Thornberry's Music

Wild West (From The Backyardigans Racing): Oh No! (From VeggieTales) Mario Kart 8 Remix

Dora Cup:

Dora's Exploring Speedway (From Nicktoons Racing 2): Dora The Explorer Theme Song

Diego Rescue Raceway (From Nicktoons Racing 2): Go Diego Go Theme Song

Wuzzleburg 500 (From Nicktoons Racing 2): Wow Wow Wubbzy Theme Song

Kai-Lan's Space Rainbow (From Nicktoons Racing 2): Ni Hao Kai-Lan Theme Song


Musics Play On The Course

Robot Factory (From Cops and Robots): Bad Bots

Thunder Hollow (From Cars 3): Thunder Hollow Breakdown By Brad Paisley

NFL Football Stadium: NFL Original Theme Song

Kai-Lan's China Arena: Same As Kai-Lan's Space Rainbow


Bubble (From Spongebob SquarePants): Same As In Nicktoons Racing

Apple: This Apple Gives You Energy And You Have Boost!

I'm Going Ghost!: You Turn Into A Ghost And You Hit Anyone While It Spins!

Fireworks: Same As In The Backyardigans Racing Adventure

Fake Item Box: Same As In Mario Kart 64 And PIxar Superstar Race-o-Rama

Cynthia: You Use Angelica's Doll Cynthia And Throw Anyone If It Hits

Coconuts: Same As In Nicktoons Racing

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