The Bad Future is the 55th episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.


  • Gorge
  • Whale Five
  • Robo
  • Toxifinder
  • Airdroid
  • Dores


(Gorge is seen fixing up the time machine)

Gorge: How am I gonna keep repairing this?

(Robo and Whale Five arrive)

Robo: We're here to watch a marathon of The Barber, which starts in 7 hours!

Gorge: I give you... the time machine that got broken months ago, but was fixed.

Robo: So, now what?

(Gorge, Robo, Whale Five and Toxifinder go into the future)

(Gorge, Chrome, Bagel and Toxifinder land in 2050 London)

Gorge: This doesn't look like London at all.

Airdroid: It isn't! We banned everything British!

Gorge: Here?

Airdroid: Everywhere but the parts of the world we don't control. Turns out the U.S. military defeated me by laughing at me.

Dores: I got elected president of the United States, but can't become dictator.

Airdroid: Checks and balances get the best of you.

Robo: Time to go watch The Barber.

Airdroid: The Barber?

Dores: I used to like that show during the early seasons.

Airdroid: We banned the show. In 2040. Everywhere but the part of the world I don't control.

Robo: What?

(Chrome wakes up)

Robo: I saw the future...

Gorge: What future?

Robo: A bad one, where The Barber was banned!

Gorge: It isn't in this future, although it is bad.

Dr. Unknown: I don't like the show, but my powers are not allowed to extend to television for unknown reasons.

Gorge: Well, then. What do you have control over?

Dr. Unknown: Production of the show! That's right- in the future, The Barber is cancelled!


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