The Big Reveal is the 49th episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.


  • Gorge
  • Robo
  • Whale Five
  • Airdroid


Gorge: So, are you ready to hear the story about how Dores became a villain?

Robo: I'm more than ready!

(cut to a flashback of Gorge using a chemistry set)

Gorge: So, once upon a time, I had a so-called "lab". I was mixing chemicals, when suddenly I spilled a few into a bowl, and suddenly, Dores was created.

Flashback Gorge: You're perfect! I'll call you Dores!

Flashback Dores: Umm... okay?

Robo: What happened?

Gorge: Well... um... oh!

(cut back to the flashback)

Gorge: I was playing hide-and-seek, when suddenly, Airdroid appeared in front of him.

Flashback Airdroid: Hey, Dores. Guess what? The lab you were created in? It was destroyed by an accident there. I believe a boy is to blame.

Flashback Dores: But... Gorge would never do that.

Flashback Airdroid: Such is the cost of friendship, Dores.

Gorge: From that day on, we were enemies against each other.

Robo: Uhh... so Airdroid was the-

(Airdroid appears)

Airdroid: Hi!

Robo: Airdroid, did you use blackmail to turn Dores against Gorge?

Airdroid: Blackmail? That guy hates me for no reason!

Robo: No, he trusted your word years ago and now he hates Gorge... and it's all your fault!

Airdroid: No... it actually happened.

(cut to a flashback of Airdroid destroying the lab using chemicals)

(cut back to Gorge's house)

Robo: You're supporting my statement.

Airdroid: I am?


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