The Death of Dores is the 31st episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures and it's season 2 finale.



  • Gorge
  • Timmy
  • Dores


  • Anti-Sophie


(Gorge is seen sharpening his backup sword)

Timmy: What are you doing?

Gorge: Nothing. (bats eyes)

Timmy: Who are you planning to kill?

Gorge: Dores. He's been a jerk for WAY too long.

Timmy: Okay.

Gorge: Besides, Sophie loves heroes, do they?

Timmy: I guess.

Gorge: Well, I'm gonna show that heroism by killing Dores!

Timmy: Isn't killing illegal and punishable by law?

Gorge: Oh yeah. I forgot. Whatever happens, Dores will die.

(Gorge arrives at Dores' lair)

Dores: Ugh...

(Dores opens the door)

Dores: You AGAIN?

Gorge: That's right!

Dores: What are you planning to do?

(Gorge goes in and tampers with Dores' human catapult)

Dores: What are you doing?

Gorge: Nothing.

(Dores sits on the catapult)

Dores: No, literally! What are you-

Gorge: See you... in SPACE!

(Gorge fires Dores toward the sun, killing him once and for all)

(Anti-Sophie comes in)

Anti-Sophie: You MURDERED him! You murdered Dores!

Gorge: Who are you?

Anti-Sophie: It's SOPHIE!

Gorge: I don't think so. The REAL Sophie wouldn't like villains! Time for you to get sent to the Sun, like Dores!

(Anti-Sophie is put on the catapult and sent to the Sun, killing her once and her all)

Gorge: What should we do now?

Timmy: Well, maybe kill off all the other villains we encountered!

Gorge: Then who would be left to fight?

Timmy: Dr. Doom, Professor Carrotstein, Dr. Unknown, Nova, all that!

Gorge: Well, let's go back home!



  • This marks the last appearance of Dores in Curiousgorge66's Adventures.
  • This marks the only appearance of Anti-Sophie.
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