The Genie in The Gem is the 29th episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.



  • Gorge
  • Sophie
  • The Great Beguru
  • Timmy
  • Water Paw
  • Lady Fuse
  • Furbot
  • Whale Five
  • Robo
  • Airdroid


  • Dores
  • Molly


Gorge: What to do today?

Timmy: Uhh... there's something in the basement.

(Gorge opens the basement door)

Timmy: There's still a lot of Caffeine-free Sun Drop!

Gorge: I see something in the distance...

Timmy: It's just a gem!

Gorge: It's not just a gem. It's glowing...

(The Great Beguru appears)

The Great Beguru: It is I, The Great Beguru, here to grant your every wish.

Gorge: Yeah. I wonder what wishes you can even grant.

The Great Beguru: Well, I can grant any wish as long as it's within my power.

(one hour later, Robo and friends show up)

Robo: Oh, it's you again.

The Great Beguru: Yes, it is I, The Great Beguru!

Lady Fuse: What's the catch?

The Great Beguru: The catch? No catch. Just wish.

Robo: Who's gonna wish first?

The Great Beguru: I will-

(Sophie arrives)

Sophie: Was I late?

The Great Beguru: Again, I will choose who goes first. I choose... BLUE WOMAN!

Lady Fuse: Thanks. I wish... VECTOR LAND. I wish it would be destroyed.

The Great Beguru: Sure. Next is... GORGE PANTS!

Gorge: Thank you. Do you get three wishes?

The Great Beguru: Yes, but you can only use one right now, so decide carefully.

Gorge: Okay, then. I wish that Sophie was 22 years old.

The Great Beguru: An age progression? Okay.

(Sophie is now older)

The Great Beguru: Next is... BUSH WITH ARMS!

Furbot: Thank you. I wish for twelve clones.

The Great Beguru: Okay.

(Furbot now has twelve clones)

The Great Beguru: Next is... WHALE CREATURE!

Whale Five: I... I got nothing, but thank you for letting me decide.

The Great Beguru: Next is... SEAL BOY!

Water Paw: Thanks. I wish Dad was back.

The Great Beguru: Who's Dad?

(Water Paw shows The Great Beguru a picture of Nemre)

The Great Beguru: I still can't do that. Something is interfering with the wish.

Water Paw: What?

The Great Beguru: Next is... LARGE TOASTER!

Robo: Thank you. I wish I could finally kill the killer. You know, Airdroid?

The Great Beguru: Aww, yes. Next is... BUCK-TOOTHED BOY!

Timmy: Is this wish rule-free?

The Great Beguru: Yes.

Timmy: Then enough money to see Crash Nebula!

The Great Beguru: Okay.

Timmy: Thank you!

The Great Beguru: Large toaster, your wish can't be granted for unknown reasons. Next is... ORANGE OTTER!

Sophie: Aww, you're too kind. I wish for an Animorph Ray!

The Great Beguru: You got it, orange otter.

Sophie: Thank you.

(Airdroid appears)

Airdroid: Hey, Gorge! What's up?

Gorge: Nothing much. But should you stay away?

Timmy: This day couldn't get weirder.

(cut to Molly's house)

Molly: Oh, Great Beguru! I have a wish! I wish that I-

Great Beguru: You could just no longer talk?

Molly: -could- (muffled)

Airdroid: So I heard that he is trying to get rid of me. Guess what? It ain't gonna happen. No sir, it won't.

Gorge: It might.

(meanwhile at Dores' lair)

Dores: This is a disaster! Yellow paint everywhere! Half the minions dead! Who could do this to me?

(cut back to outside Gorge's house)

Gorge: I mean, what's the point of murdering various people in the universe if you can't accomplish your goals?

Airdroid: Because... I didn't overthrow Curator Prime yet.

Gorge: What?

Airdroid: You heard me. All I need to do is overthrow Curator Prime and rid the universe of all human life.

Gorge: How could you do this?

Airdroid: And this genie can go back in his gem.

(The Great Beguru goes back in his gem)

Airdroid: And you know what? I was the one who murdered half of Dores' minions!

Gorge: That means less of them to fight, but you'll never win the battle against us!

Airdroid: You're just jealous! You aren't even a real hero.

(Gorge fires his Coke sprayer at Nova)

Airdroid: Oh, yum! A soft drink that does no damage!

(Gorge pulls out his backup sword)

Nova: He has a sword, too?

(Gorge tries to slice Airdroid's hand but the sword goes right through him)

Nova: You will never win.

Gorge: I know you have a weak spot somewhere.

Airdroid: What? No weak spot.

(Airdroid disappears)

(back inside Gorge's house)

Timmy: So, is Sophie gonna stay 22 years old forever?

Gorge: Nah, the effects will wear off in a week.

Timmy: And is VECTOR LAND destroyed?

Gorge: VECTOR LAND was never destroyed.

Timmy: Okay, then.

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