The Incredible Shrinking Molly is the 19th episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.



  • Gorge
  • Timmy
  • Molly
  • ???? (will later be revealed)


  • Water Paw


Gorge: Well, look at that! It's the newspaper!

(Gorge takes a look at the newspaper)

Gorge: Well... it says here that "a mysterious neighbor is smaller than before"!

Timmy: And that one says, "three otters get turned into giants"? Really?

Gorge: Hmm... the newspaper has a point about Molly...

Timmy: Are we going there?

Gorge: Yes.

(At Molly's house)

Gorge: Well, that's a lot of junk here.

Timmy: Since when has she had a picture of Sophie?

Gorge: Meh, target practice, I guess?

Timmy: What's happening?

Gorge: I dunno.

(the house begins to collapse)

Gorge: Um...

Timmy: What?

Gorge: If this house collapses in on itself with Molly inside, Molly will be smaller than before.

(Gorge and Timmy get all plushies of Sophie)

(Gorge and Timmy exit the collapsing house)

(the house collapses in on itself)

(cut to Gorge's house with all the Sophie plushies)

Gorge: I feel bad about something.

????: I had to travel too far for this...

Timmy: Who is she?

????: ...from there to this place you call North Carolina...

Gorge: Who are you?

????: ...I'm glad you asked.

Gorge: No, really!

(???? gets out a Canadian flag and waves it)

(Gorge waves an American flag)

(???? takes off her cloak)



  • A picture of Sophie the Otter can be seen inside Molly's house. There are also plushies of her.
  • "Video Killed the Radio Star" can be heard on Molly's radio.
  • "All Day and All of The Night" became the only 60's song to be used in the series in this episode.
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