The Odd Life! was an American-animated Television series created by Jack Krousel for Daniel Network. Originally aired as a segment for DG Twisted Toons, the series premiered back-to-back with Nitwits of Mars  as part of the Wild Wednesday block on June 16, 2004 and concluded its initial run on November 10, 2006 due to low ratings and lack of profit. However, it returned for reruns, beginning on January 1, 2007. The series revolves around a robot befriending a human as they embark on their misadventures.


The series revolves around a rampage-inducing robot (aka "Robert") who found a woman who is a huge fan of robots. It was love at first sight, and the two head on to many of their misadventures.


The show was first conceived to DG Productions in 1997, as part of the then-upcoming DG Twisted Toons anthology series. Jack Crousel was already graduating from CalArts after receiving some rave reviews of an earlier project, Robots vs. Humans, in 1996. One person attending the student film was a representative for DN and immediately offered him a job at DG Animation Studios. The original student film was then retooled to involve a human seeking truce and befriending a robot and was submitted for an exclusive spot as part of the second season premiere of DG Twisted Toons in March 1998. Despite its success, the show was not greenlit until August 2002 as part of a New Show Initiative Program funded by Frederator Incorporated. At this point, the pilot episode was redone digitally along with a batch-order of 12 new episodes. The remade pilot premiered as a sneak peek for Memorial Day 2004.


Due to profitability issues, the entire show had sporadic hiatuses, which resulted in low ratings. However, thanks to its cult status post-cancellation, it was known as the "Hidden Gem of Robo-comedy"


TV-Y7 (2004-Present)


Daniel Network (2004-2006; 2007-Present)

DGToons Network (2004-Present)

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