The Show's Title Screen, an MvC inspired split-screen of Web and Romen

The Rainbow Blade is an alternate-reality spinoff to Squad Æ, in which Web is the main hero. It is only 4 episodes long. The series is revealed to be an implanted dream of Web's by Romen, intended as a signal for Web to rescue his homeworld.


LT Fan, after discovering a emerald-infused metal cap, went into battle with the SuperSaiyanKirby cast, a battle ending with him and most of the other characters dead. Now Web, along with his friends, have to work to restore Nicktropolis, and defend it if LT Fan should return.


Web: A preteen with lakitu powers who survived the battle with LT Fan. He wields the legendary Rainbow Blade, a magic blade which can effortlessly cut through anything and gives the user supersonic speed.

Romen I. Mecks: A preteen from space who is Web's best friend. He has the abilits to summon stars from space, and even turn himself into a comet.

Mango: Y-Guy's best friend, who lost his arm during the battle. However, Web made him a robotic arm, which makes him stronger.

MattBoo: He's a boo! That's why he survived!

Random SIR: Invader Rob's SIR unit, who somehow became smart after the battle, and is trying to bring SuperSaiyanKirby, Y-Guy, and Invader Rob back from the dead.


The music for the show is mostly video game music, but for serious moments, instrumental Eminem is occasionally used.