The Werewolf's Curse is the 22nd episode of Curiousgorge66's Adventures.



  • Gorge
  • Timmy
  • Molly
  • Sophie Clone


  • Water Paw
  • Dores


(Gorge is watching TV)

Gorge: There's not a lot of choices on TV.

Timmy: I know.

Gorge: If only there was some interesting program.

(Cut to Dores' Lair)

Dores: What's this? I created an actual creator of were-otters from Sophie? Okay. I hope she doesn't bite anyone.

(cut back to Gorge's house)

Gorge: So what's up with Sophie?

Timmy: Oh my.

Gorge: Well, it looks like we need a lot of Caffeine-free Sun Drop.

Timmy: Why?

Gorge: Well, Sophie likes it, right?

Timmy: She never even had it before.

Gorge: Well, she's a friend of mine.

(cut to Gorge's basement)

(Gorge gets a 20 fl. oz bottle of Caffeine-free Sun Drop)

(cut back to Gorge's living room)

Gorge: OK. We got everything and...

Timmy: Umm...

Gorge: Well, I have a lot of Caffeine-free Sun Drop.

(cut to Dores' living room)

Sophie Clone: Can I beat the urge to bite? No, I cannot! Time to get someone!


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