Trump vs. Dores, part 1 and part 2 are the 61st & 62nd episodes of Curiousgorge66's Adventures, respectively.


  • Gorge
  • Robo
  • Whale Five
  • Donald Trump


Part 1

(a boat arrives at the Outer Banks)

(Donald Trump steps out of the boat)

Donald Trump: You do realize that I could've just drove here from Manhattan, right?

(meanwhile at Gorge's house)

(Robo is holding a newspaper)

Robo: Gorge, Donald Trump is visiting this town, today!

Gorge: Wait, what?

Whale Five: I heard that Trump's father gave him a "small loan" of a million dollars!

(hundreds of people gather outside)

(Gorge goes outside)

Gorge: Alright, what's going on?

(Donald Trump arrives)

Donald Trump: Thank you for coming out here. I just came from Oak Town, and trust me, it's nothing like this town.

Gorge: What's he saying?

Donald Trump: I want to make America great again...

Gorge: OK, this is getting interesting...

Donald Trump: ...and I want to build a wall around Mexico.

Gorge: It'll take years.

Donald Trump: ...and to demonstrate, I'll build a wall around that building!

Gorge: That's Dores' lair. Thank goodness I won't have to fight him again.

Donald Trump: ...but with a door so people can come in and out.

(Donald Trump builds a wall around Dores' lair)

Gorge: If it only took 5 minutes to put up that wall around Dores' lair... then it could take 20 minutes just for Trump to put up a wall around Mexico!

Whale Five: You do realize that he isn't president yet, right?

Gorge: I know that.

(cut to Collector writing on a ballot)

Collector: Gorge, you do realize that I can't put this ballot in until Election Day, right?

Gorge: Oh, right.

Collector: And also, why do you have a tendency to stop whatever Donald Trump is doing?

Gorge: Maybe I can't stop Trump from becoming president. But I can make sure Dores is defeated.

(meanwhile, in Dores' lair...)

Dores: The people love you, Trump! Continue campaigning like that, and we'll be rich, and you'll be president of the United States!

Donald Trump: Why aren't you running for president?

Dores: It's a long story. The people wouldn't want a president who's been beaten up by a kid multiple times!

Donald Trump: I need a glass of water.

(Donald Trump picks up a potion)

(Dores takes the potion from Donald Trump)

Dores: Please don't touch that, it's secret. Hey, let's sit down and chat for a while.

Donald Trump: OK.

(cut back to Collector's house)

Gorge: I gotta go.

(Gorge, Robo and Whale Five leave Collector's house)

Robo: So now what?

Whale Five: We call S-

Gorge: I don't wanna talk about it.

Robo: Hey, where's Donald Trump?

(Gorge goes over to Dores' lair)

Gorge: What is Trump doing in there?

(inside Dores' lair)

Donald Trump: Really? You get stopped by him?

Dores: Yeah... he foiled my plans multiple times! And all on account of a thing that sprays Coke!

Donald Trump: You mean Coca-Cola, right?

Dores: Yes.

Donald Trump: I used to be a host on this one NBC show.

Dores: The Apprentice? I think I've watched that before.

Donald Trump: Yes... that one.

Dores: Gorge spent a lot of time with this one otter named S-

Donald Trump: Sophie?

Dores: Yes.

Donald Trump: I started off in Brooklyn...

Dores: And your father gave you a small loan of a million dollars.

Donald Trump: ...and then I had to go to Manhattan...

Dores: ...and then you had to pay him back.

Donald Trump: With interest.

Dores: Well, I schemed and schemed for this day. Today's the day I turn Molly into a human!

Donald Trump: That's something a mad scientist would say.

Dores: Yes, Trump, because I am evil!

Donald Trump: How could you chat with me if you're evil?

Dores: I just wanted to know everything about you.

(Dores puts Donald Trump in a cage and reveals a bunch of lava under his floor)

Dores: You see, I just needed somebody to cover my evildoings! And you're that somebody.

(Gorge bursts in Dores' lair)

Dores: What the-?

Gorge: I-

(Gorge sees Donald Trump in the cage)

Gorge: That's evil, putting a presidential candidate in a cage!

Dores: And now I'm gonna be president and take over the world!

(Gorge equips his Coke sprayer and sprays Coke all over Dores)

Dores: I'm not falling for that again! How long have you had that? About a year? It's useless after a year!

(Gorge equips his backup sword)

Dores: I forgot about what he had for backup purposes.

(three minutes later)

Dores: You'll never get away with this!

(Dores types something in the computer)

Dores: To the escape pod!

(Dores goes into his escape pod and escapes)

(Gorge frees Donald Trump)

Donald Trump: Thanks. I could've lost that presidency for sure.

Gorge: Anytime. But... what are we gonna do with this?

(cut to the wall surrounding Dores' lair)

Donald Trump: Time for me to go. I need the material to build that wall around Mexico.

(Donald Trump takes down the wall and heads back to Manhattan)

Gorge: No matter how many times I save Trump, he'll never stop thinking about that wall.

(Gorge gets a call)

Molly: (over the phone) I heard Donald Trump visited the town today.

Gorge: Well, it's a long story.

(to be continued)

Part 2

Gorge: So what's on TV today?

Molly: It's apparently something from Teletoon, it's called-

Gorge: I've seen that one before. A boy has enough money to buy a pet, and the pet he gets makes him go on adventures. That's the show in a nutshell.

(Gorge hears a knock on the door)

Gorge: One moment, Molly.

(Gorge opens the door)

Gorge: Oh, it's Donald Trump.

Molly: Wait, you saved him?

Gorge: It's a long story.

Molly: Oh yeah, I need something to drink.

Gorge: All I've got is Caffeine-free... Diet Sun Drop.

Molly: That works fine.

Donald Trump: I've been planning something for Election Day.

Gorge: I've also been planning something big. Revenge against Dores.

Donald Trump: Why is that?

Gorge: Well, after what happened when you last visited the town, it's the best favor I could return.

(Gorge and Donald Trump sit down)

Gorge: So how were things this past week?

Molly: Listen... I've recently been exposed to radioactive chemicals, so don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry.

Gorge: OK, then. So, I need a new Coke sprayer. Apparently, they deemed the old model obsolete.

Molly: Oh, and by the way, I'm seeing that new movie this weekend! Something about anthropomorphic food and-

Gorge: I've already seen the trailers for it, and it is clearly only for adults. I don't think that's a good idea. Besides, you probably haven't seen the sticker pasted on the poster labeled "Rated R".

Molly: I've seen the trailer and it's a kids' movie by what I've seen.

Gorge: Wait until you request a ticket. They won't admit children to R-rated movies-

Molly: My older brother's taking me.

Gorge: Well, is your older brother a little... careless?

(Dores slams down the door)

Dores: Sorry to interrupt your little chat, but I've got scores to settle with Donald Trump!

Gorge: How'd Dores manage to find me? I thought he was gonna watch that new movie today.

Dores: Tickets sell out real fast at the local theater.

Gorge: What local theater? There hasn't been a movie theater within a 30-40 mile radius since the last one shut down.

Dores: Donald Trump, somehow I'm gonna ruin your reputation around the country so that I'll take over the world.

Gorge: Yeah, about that... primaries are over. You should've announced that you were gonna run months ago.

Dores: I didn't need to run for the candidacy! I wanted to find a figurehead for my future rule... and that figurehead was... Donald Trump.

Molly: I think I need to go to the movie theater now.

(Molly heads for the movie theater)

Gorge: Wait, you took your plans with you?

Dores: I have to write them down somewhere. It's even in my notebook.

Gorge: OK, then.

Dores: Look, this time around, this plan is foolproof!

Gorge: Right... you know, I could just set them on fire and the plans will be lost forever.

Dores: Which is why I made copies.

Donald Trump: Alright, you know what? Dores, you're wasting money. Wasting money is bad for business.

Dores: Because I make copies?

Donald Trump: I'm sorry, Dores... but... you're fired.

Dores: Wait! Am I on The Apprentice?

Gorge: Call it whatever you like.

Dores: How'd you know that I was gonna stop by your house?

Gorge: Because first of all, I saw you reading that poster for that new movie, which sounded suspicious. And second of all, I heard you really love The Apprentice.

Dores: This is gonna be a one-off episode, is it?

Gorge: What are you talking about? There are not even cameras in here! Unless you count the cameras on my 3DS over there.

Dores: Well, I give up.

Gorge: I didn't expect him to surrender so easily.

Dores: From this day forward, Trump is no longer a figurehead for my planned rule, but rather a normal presidential candidate. So long, Trump.

Gorge: We're gonna be fighting again, right?

Dores: Eventually, but for right now, I'm gonna spend September in my own home.

(Dores leaves)

Molly: Well, that was anticlimactic. Dores gave up on his plans so easily and I didn't even get angry. So I guess things do work out in the end.

Gorge: Except for one thing...

(Molly gets a note to see that her brother must attend jury duty)

Molly: He's... gonna... attend... jury... duty?

Gorge: Luckily it's tomorrow.

Molly: Still anticlimactic, though.

Gorge: Well, you going home?

Molly: Yeah, I guess I will.

(Molly goes home)

Gorge: Trump, you'd better keep on campaigning.

Donald Trump: Thanks for reminding me.

(Donald Trump gets on his helicopter and flies to California)


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