aka Daniel

  • I live in Toontown
  • I was born on August 28
  • My occupation is be inspired to make cartoons for all
  • I am Male

Hey, all you good people! It's your pal, Daniel! Part-time goofball, part-time gamer, overall me. Since joining this wiki in 2015, I have a vision to one-up the rest of y'all, and trust me, when I say that, I really mean try to become the most original. Nostalgia is my middle name.... Nowadays, I'm at the other FF site. You just don't really know it, yet. Cheers!

This user is a fan of the old Nickelodeon.

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This user is a fan of Invader Zim.

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My favorite pages

People that I like on This wiki

  • BaconMahBoi- The guy who loves to iron Stimpy's clothing and the frog on a unicycle and cray-cray Pearl and a robot-hugging Peridot
  • RISKY D. DINGO- The guy that loves to dahl on for infinity
  • TechKon (SpongeTechX)- An awesome guy that made an awesome fanon channel, Vision
  • Thatstuff- A good guy. nothing else to say
  • Chaossy- An awesome dude who made some random DragonBall Z OC, Chaos
  • IAmBagel- An awesome admin of this wiki who tries to keep order (R.I.P. Supreme Dictator) :-(
  • Curiousgorge66- Pretty cool guy. Loves his PB&J Otter OC, Sophie
  • TheChromePerson- A good guy, nonetheless
  • StrongBadHR90- A dank guy who makes dank shows
  • Jcpag2010- Good guy, end of story
  • EliNinja- Pretty awesome dude with cool shows until his departure.

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