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Species Evolved human
Ethnicity Russian
Birth place Russia
Gender Female
Hair color       Gray
Eye color       Blue
Love interest(s) John (one-sided; intermittent)
Enemies John
Residence Fort Pooda (formerly)
Abilities Shapeshifting
Alignment Bad
Marital status Single
Debut Bandit Territory
Created by KM

Zaria is one of John's first enemies and a notable villain in his rogues gallery, and due to her high-ranking status as a villain she is also a foe of Syndicate and a member of the placeholder. She is the leader of the Zorya, a Fort Pooda-based Russian mafia. Zaria is a shapeshifter who gained her abilities in a similar incident to John, who she has a one-sided on and off attraction to. Zaria was created by KM and made her debut in Bandit Territory.


Early life


Zaria is a selfish and constantly calculating criminal that only ever acts in her own self-interest, making decisions that benefit her and her alone. She will even go so far as to work with heroes as a means to an end if need be, as she's done before with John, who she has a one-sided love–hate relationship with. Zaria has an incredible sense of self-preservation and is very perceptive in battle because of this.

Powers and abilities


Zaria has gray hair and sports a black banana and sunglasses that are similar to John's. She wears a red midriff hoodie, dark gray leggings, and black shoes.


  • The character was originally male and named Mimic.
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